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Cycling Your Stack

Remember these amino acids will stimulate the pituitary for 4 to 8 weeks max – then you must stop supplementing for another 2 months.

You can experiment with different cycles like 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off but I don’t have data on this yet and will pass the information on when I get it.

Sprays and Injections:

Synthetic HGH (Somatrophin) is available to us now in two forms. One is through a costly doctor’s pharmaceutical prescription, and secondly at a reasonable price through a homeopathic oral spray.

The FDA has approved oral sprays for over the counter sales. They are generic in nature. There is only one “recipe” that works and all the companies use this recipe.

While HGH bodybuilding injections work rapidly to release the benefits of this fountain of youth and vitality formulation, their milder counterparts, like HGH pills, powders (athletes and weightlifters alike are known to take powders mixed in milk or water before and after training sessions for that extra pep) and sprays, usually take 3 months to 6 months to show the results the shots would in one third the time.

Homeopathic HGH oral spray contains real pharmaceutical HGH and purportedly gets 60%-80% of the same effects of growth hormone injections. It is much less expensive (about $75 per month) than injections (Grimsley was caught with 14 doses that he paid $3200 for) and no needles are involved.

It should be noted that the Federal Drug Administration does not allow any nutritional product (HGH pills) to claim that it can “cure” any disease. However, the FDA does approve Pharmaceutical drugs and Homeopathic preparations to claim they can cure a particular disease and the testing to achieve this status is quite rigorous as we all know.

So, a doctor is permitted to prescribe Human Growth Hormone to a patient for anti-aging even though it is approved by the FDA only as a cure for

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