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dwarfism. The Pharmaceutical manufacturer is not permitted to suggest it’s use as an anti-aging therapy, only as a treatment for dwarfism, and one company ended up paying substantial fines and penalties for doing just that.

There are side effects associated with prolonged use of HGH, as well as the possibility of an overdose. One of the rarer side effects caused by HGH is Creutzveldt Jacob Disease, which is a rare brain condition that has a high percentage of fatalities. While the disease rarely occurs during periods where HGH production is naturally high, studies have shown that artificial use of the compounds can cause the disease to take root. It has also been

observed that this, along with other side effects, are more likely to appear if one uses the recombinant DNA variety of HGH. To put it simply, the HGH sprays that are chemically derived from natural growth hormones are more likely to have side effects than the ones that merely replicate the chemical composition and structure of those hormones.

There are also numerous other side effects associated with the use HGH, though most of this information is compiled from consumer reports and experiences. Some have reported minor things, such as muscle spasms, in areas where the HGH use has been focused. Others have complained of cramps whenever exposed areas were physically exerted. Some have reported minor instances of sexual dysfunction after initial use of HGH, bringing about questions about possible effects on one's sexual health. Finally, there have been reports that prolonged use of HGH can bring about aggressive tendencies similar to the ones caused by continued use of steroids.

Some typical dangers of any HGH product are a higher risk for developing forms of cancer and even diabetes. Some people even reported a resistance to their insulin. Carpal tunnel syndrome, while common for anyone who uses a computer daily, can become inflamed. Some female patients of HGH report gynecomastia (enlarging of the breasts). Since HGH helps repair bones too, taking extra HGH can cause acromegaly, which is an unusual growth in bones of the wrist and hands. Also on the feet and ankles.

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