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  • HGH will enable you to regain your zest for life.

  • The growth hormone can enhance sexual performance.

  • HGH replacement therapy gives the mind a profound sense of well-being.

  • It is able to regenerate heart, liver, kidneys, and lung cells.

  • HGH is known to improve your cholesterol.

  • HGH offers a deeper, more restful, sleep.

Is There a Natural Way to Increase My GH Level?

That depends upon your age and present GH level. Factors that help with GH production are a low-fat, high protein diet, exercise, plenty of sleep and avoiding stress. If you are over 40 and feeling sluggish, chances are you may benefit from a GH supplement.

Human Growth Hormone Secretion

Synthesis and secretion of HGH is controlled by many factors such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress and sometimes even by growth hormone itself. The control, however, are wielded by two hypo-thalamic hormones (Growth hormone-releasing hormone or GHRH and Somatostatin or SS) and one hormone present in the stomach (Ghrelin).

Functions of HGH

Human growth hormone contributes in the building up of the human body. HGH has two different types of effects on the human tissues and the human system as a whole – direct and indirect. The direct effects are the upshot of the growth hormone binding its receptor to the target cells. Indirect effects are stimulated by an insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), a hormone secreted by the liver and other tissues in response to growth hormone action. In fact, most of the growth promoting effects of HGH are the consequence of IGF-I acting on the target cells.

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