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Nightclub - Sample Plan

entertainment to be more appealing to adults as it gets later into the evening. We also anticipate a 15% annual growth rate in tandem with the growth rate of Your City and through increased popularity.

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    College Students--By creating an environment that is appealing to college students, we secure a natural progression between the high school student and the young professional. Through word of mouth, the Nightclub expects realize an increase of five percent annually from this segment.

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    Tourists and Business Travelers--More and more business and travelers and tourists are finding themselves in Your City every year as is made evident by the increased demand and subsequent expansion of the local airport. We plan to reach these people through direct marketing to local hotel patrons. We anticipate a 20% annual growth rate in this segment. As our relationships grow with the local hotels, so too will the word of mouth recommendations from the hotel staff as well as the patronizing of our restaurant by their families. Our future plan is to publish a simple website in order to create awareness to any traveler who wants to take an advanced look at the club before their visit.

The following chart and table outline the target market segments for the Nightclub, and include annual growth projections.

Childless Young Professionals College Students Tourists/Business Travelers

Business Plan Pro Sample

Market Analysis Potential Customers Childless Young Professionals College Students Tourists/Business Travelers Total

Growth 15%

2001 132,000

2002 151,800

2003 174,570

2004 200,756

2005 230,869

CAGR 15.00%

5% 20% 13.95%

100,000 100,000 332,000

105,000 120,000 376,800

110,250 144,000 428,820

115,763 172,800 489,319

121,551 207,360 559,780

5.00% 20.00% 13.95%

Table: Market Analysis

Market Analysis (Pie)

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