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Bylames Phelps, CBO Building OfficiaKode Enforcement

This is the time of year when people are very involvedwith the holidays, get the Christmas spirit, and are shoppingfor all the bargains, thinking of many things, includingthe new year. Unfortunately for some, the holidays bring despair due to some unforeseen mishap from fire, even loss of loved ones.

Most of us will have decorated for Christmas as you read this article. Care should be taken with Christmastrees and trimmings. Artificial trees can become fire and/or shock hazards if not properly used. Be sure to check the tree and light manu- facturers recommendations before using electrical lights on these trees.

Real trees are also potential fire hazards if allowed to dry out, using too many lights, or lights that are too hot. Often, when real trees are used ,we like to put them up at Thanksgivingand leave them until the New Year. During that time, in warm houses, the tree tends to dry out and

YEAR IN REVIEW (Continued from page 1 )

Road by MelbourneVillage during the Wickham Road M-1 Canal construction in August. Reasonablesolutions were found, and the Village and the City seem to be able to work together in mutual areas of concern to both entities.

Final plat for the Falls at Sheridan was recorded in Octo- ber. It is a planned development of approximately 193 single-family residentialhomes on property on the north side of Sheridan Road, east of JohnRodes Boulevard.

As reported to you, the City was able to purchase a 10 acre parcel of land at the northwest corner of Henry Avenue and Minton Road. We hope to proceed with the design portion for the future construction of the West Melbourne Police Department.

There was no election this year in the City of West Melbourne. Mayor Lane and Council Members Chuck

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become a potential fire hazard. If you are one of those peoplethat like the smell and atmosphereof a live tree, be sure to keep plenty of water and tree saver on the tree, use small lights as they produce very little heat, or if using the larger lights, do not allow them to burn for an ex- tended period of time, as the heat dries the tree out and can cause it to catch fire.

Please check your home or business to ensure the street address number is properly posted at the entrance. Buildingidentification is relied on by emergency services such as police, ambulance, fire etc. for fast response to a call. Numbers should be at least three (3)inches tall for single family residences, and five (5) inches tall for all other buildings. Postingof the building street address number is required by city code for your benefit. Don't cause your call for assistanceto be delayed, ensure the number is posted.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of the citizens of West Melbourne, the business commu- nity, contractors and developers for your support and cooperationduringthis past year. The Code Administra- tion staff and myself wish you a very PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

Remember, the Code Administration Department is here to serve you the public. Do not hesitate to contact us at 727-7700 extension 136 if you have any questions or need assistance. If you are not satisfiedwith the service you receive, or if you have suggestionsto improve service, please contact me personally.

Wells, Bill Lutovsky, and JanLieson qualified to run for election but had no opponents. They were sworn in for a two year term at the November Council Meeting.

Our Police Secretary, Fay Ziegler, an employee of the City for eleven years, will be transferring to our Finance Department the end of December as an Account Clerk through our Career Development Program.

So, it has been a year of growth and change as we strive toward our motto "Creating New Horizons" and continue to implementthe concepts of total quality management in an effort to better serve our citizens and businesses. We look forward to a year of success in our effort to reach the Goals and Objectivesfor the City of West Melbourne.

The City Council, Staff and Management wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


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