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The Certified Local Government Program: Preservation Through Local Planning

Any historic resource is important in the history of a particular community. Preservation activity associated with historic resources occurs first at the local level; therefore, a community is in the best position to identify and protect its own resources. The Certified Local Government (CLG) program represents an opportunity to assist local governments to integrate historic preservation concerns with local planning decisions. Joining the CLG program is an important and effective way to preserve Georgia's historic places.

The Historic Preservation Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources coordinates the Certified Local Government program through the Office of Preservation Services at the University of Georgia. Together, they provide assistance to CLGs and historic preservation commissions throughout Georgia.

Historic preservation has been a part of local government planning in this country since the 1930s. However, only a few communities took advantage of this early opportunity to include preservation as part of their planning process. With the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, a federal and state partnership was initiated that developed into a nationwide preservation program. As this program matured, the need for relating federal and state activities to local efforts became apparent. Subsequent amendments to the National Historic Preservation Act have placed an emphasis on the preservation activities of local governments. An important technique for local governments to use in their preservation activities is the Certified Local Government Program.

The Certified Local Government program extends the federal and state preservation partnership to the local level. It enhances the local government role in preservation by strengthening a community's preservation program and its link with the Historic Preservation Division. In Georgia, the Certified Local Government program builds upon the longstanding working relationship between the Historic Preservation Division and the local governments by expanding the scope of local responsibilities and opportunities for preservation. Any city, town, or county which has enacted a historic preservation ordinance, enforces that ordinance through a local preservation commission, and has met requirements outlined in the Procedures for Georgia's Certified Local Government Program is eligible to become a CLG.



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