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Den Ceremonies

Simple ceremonies should be used to open and close den meetings and to mark important events in the lives of the boys and the den.  They should be short, no longer then 2 or 3 minutes.  Give the boys an opportunity to plan and lead opening and closing ceremonies.

The following is a list of Ceremonies used in Den meetings:

Opening:To signal the beginning of the den meeting.  Is usually a patriotic theme.  The opening sets the tone for the whole meeting and can add dignity and importance.

Progress Toward Ranks:Recognizes boys who have completed requirements toward the current rank they are working on.  This motivates and encourages the other boys to progress.

Denner Installation:Recognize boy leaders and place importance on this position.

Special Recognition:Recognize birthdays, special achievements, and activities both in and out of Cub Scouting.

Closing:A quiet end to the den meeting.  Sometimes a den leader will present a special thought.

Den Yells

Yells are aimed at letting off steam at den and pack meetings.  They also help develop and maintain den spirit.  In making up a den yell, remember to make it simple and rhythmic.  Yells should end in a word or phrase that the boys can shout.  Many high school and college cheers can be adapted to den yells.  Let the boys help make up the den yell.

Den Doodles

Den Doodles are an excellent way to stimulate advancement.  They also make the den meeting and pack meeting places more eye-appealing.

There are many types and ways to make Den Doodles.  Let your imagination be your guide.

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