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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

PEACE IS. . .  Explores ways to introduce the positive aspects of peace; suggests how boys can contribute to world-wide understanding.

SAYING HELLO, SAYING GOODBYE.  Provides ways to help boys who are joining or who are leaving the group.

SAYING NO.  Helps reinforce what boys already know about personal safety, drug use, etc., through the making of a "public service announcement."

SHOPLIFTING IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.  Includes a field trip to a store security system; suggests information boys should know about the consequences.

WHAT WE SAY.  Deals with name-calling and tale-bearing that although typical for boys of Cub Scout and Webelos Scout age can be disruptive and painful.

Detailed instructions for each activity and how to lead discussions are found in the Cub Scout Leader How-to-Book,  No. 3831.

Cub Scout World Conservation Award

Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts who have participated in either a den or pack conservation project and have completed certain requirements can earn the World Conservation Award.  This is an international award which also can be earned by Boy Scouts and Explorers who complete different requirements.  The patch is a temporary patch and is worn centered on the right shirt pocket of the uniform.

Wolf Cub Scouts do the Wolf Conservation achievement and complete all the projects in two of the following electives:  No. 13 (Birds), No. 15 (Grow Something), No. 19 (Fishing); and take part in a den or pack conservation project.

Bear Cub Scouts do the Bear achievement No. 5 (Sharing Your World With Wildlife) and complete all projects in the following electives:  No. 2 (Weather), elective (Nature Crafts) or No. 15 (Water and Soil Conservation), and take part in a den or pack conservation project.

Webelos Scouts earn the Forester, Naturalist, and Outdoorsman activity badges in addition to taking part in a den or pack conservation project.

Applications may be picked up at the Scout Service Center.


Hiking is simply a long walk.  It is an enjoyable den and family activity.  The  object is for the boys to get a closer look at what they see outdoors everyday and discover things they have never seen.

Boys should be properly clothed, depending on the season.  In winter, clothing  should provide warmth; in summer, protection from the sun.  Suitable footwear is important.  Use the buddy system when hiking, with an adult leader at the front and end of the line.  Some suggestions for different types of hikes are:

GET-TOGETHER HIKE.  Two or more dens hike to a location for games, songs, and fun.

ABC HIKE.  Write the letters of the alphabet vertically on a piece of paper.  On the hike, find an object, sound or smell in nature for each letter.

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