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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

PENNY HIKE.  Flip a coin to see which direction you will go. Flip the coin at each intersection or fork in the road.

STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN HIKE.  Hike for a specified time then stop and write down all you see and hear. Make several stops.

Field Trips

Den trips are a welcome change from the routine of pack and den meetings during the school year and are good summertime activities.  Both boys and leaders should be prepared.  There are certain guidelines which should be followed.

¥Short in-town den trips during den meeting hours do not require tour permits.  However it is recommended that ÊÊÊpermission slips be obtained.

¥ The pack committee and Cubmaster should be informed about den trips.

¥ Den families should be notified anytime the den is away from the regular meeting place.

¥ File a Tour Permit Application for longer den trips.

¥ Check with the Council Service Center for policy on trips.

¥ Secure adequate, responsible and safe transportation.  More accidents occur within a few miles of home than  anywhere else.

¥ Use passenger cars or vans, making certain that there is a safety belt for each boy and adult and that everyone ÊÊÊis buckled up.

¥ Boys should not ride in the back of station wagons.

¥ Transporting passengers in the back of trucks is not permitted.

¥ Drivers of motor vehicles must be licensed, be at least 21 years of age and be adequately insured.

Things to remember while on den trips:

¥ Cub Scouts and leaders should be in proper uniform.

¥ Good behavior is important so that other Scout groups will be welcome later.

¥ Provide plenty of adult supervision.  Enlist the help of family members.

¥ Consider distance - how much travel time is involved.  Do arrangements need to be made for extending meeting ÊÊÊtime.

¥ Make arrangements in advance with the place you plan to visit.  Be on time.

¥ Tell the boys in advance the highlights of what they  expect  to see and do. Check on this information ahead of ÊÊÊtime.

¥ Coach the boys so they are attentive, courteous, and observe all necessary rules.

¥ Establish the buddy system before starting the trip.  Explain that the boys remain together at all times.

¥ Locate restrooms immediately upon your arrival.

¥ Decide on rendezvous points, gathering times and plans for eating.

¥ Know where emergency care can be obtained.

¥ See that each boy has enough money for an emergency phone call.

¥ Carry a den roster with you and be sure it has emergency phone numbers.

¥ Be sure the boys write a thank you note to your hosts at the next den meeting.

Tour Permit

Tour permits are required before taking any trips.  They ensure a safer, better planned trip and furnish the Scout Service Center with important information in case an emergency should arise.

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