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Rope Care

The ends or a rope should be whipped or taped to hold the fibers in place.  Instructions for this are in the Bear book.  The rope should be stored dry.  A natural fiber rope will rot if put away wet and manufactured fiber will mildew.  The rope should be clean.  Dirt in the rope will damage the fibers and weaken the rope.  Remove all knots and kinks.  Knots or kinks in a rope for a long period of time will damage the fibers and weaken the rope.

Coil the rope as described in the Bear book.

Games And Projects

Knot Board

As a den project, you could have each boy make a small knotboard.  Cut a board from plywood about 18 inches square.  Staple knots to the board.  Use dowel rods for hitches over bars.

As the boy completes and passes each knot requirement, have him tie the knot on the board.  When he is finished, you can have him hang his board where you meet as a den or he can take it home. The knot board will serve as a token of accomplishment as well as a reminder to the boy of how these knots are tied.

Friendship Circle Closing

Each den member is given a three-foot length of rope which he ties to his neighbor's with a square knot so that a  circle is made.  Boys pull back on the line with their left hands and make the Cub Scout sign with their right.  Den  leader says,  "This circle shows the bond of friendship we have in Cub Scouting.  Now please join me in the Cub Scout Promise."

Save My Child

Divide the den into two teams.  One boy on each team is the child.  He sits down on several sheets of newspaper about 15 feet from his teammates.  Each of the others has a three-foot length of rope.  On signal, the first boy on each team ties a bowline with a small loop in his rope and hands the other end to the next boy.  He ties on his rope with a square knot.  In turn, all others attach their ropes with square knots.  When all knots are tied, the team leader casts the rope to the child, who grasps it by the bowline loop.  Then the child holds the newspapers with his free hand and is pulled in by his team.  First team finished wins, provided that all knots are correct.

Knot Step Contest

Line up Cubs at one end of the room.  Each is given a 6 foot length of rope.  Call out the name of a knot.  Each Cub ties the knot.  Judges quickly check the knots.  Each Cub who tied the knot correctly can take one step forward.  The process is repeated until the first Cub (winner) reaches a predetermined mark.

Knife Safety

To Open And Close A Pocket Knife

To open a pocket knife, hold in left hand, put right thumbnail into nail slot.

Pull blade out while pushing against hinge with little finger of left hand.

Continue to hold on to handle and blade until blade snaps into open position.

To close pocket knife, hold handle with left hand with fingers safely on the sides.  Push against back of blade with fingers of right hand, swinging handle up to meet blade.

Let knife snap shut; "kick" at base of blade keeps edge from touching inside of handle.

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