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¥ PRACTICE A SINCERE RESPECT OF THE CHILD'S WORTH AS AN INDIVIDUAL.  Does he speak to you?  He speaks long as you will listen.  If your child doesn't talk to you, he may have had his 'off' button pushed sometime in the past.  Many children close doors and windows on the world because they have been told too often "Be Quiet", "Hush up", or "Go Away".

¥ PROVIDE YOUR CHILD'S BASIC NEEDS.  Needs - not wants or your frustrated desires for him.  Privacy, a place to play and study, clean clothes, ownership of his own things, time to be alone, a sensible program of eating, exercise and rest, opportunity to make his own decisions.  Always tell him the truth.

¥ EXPOSE CHILDREN TO REAL EXPERIENCES.  Use births, marriages, deaths, and disasters as teaching times.  You will help him both to satisfy his curiosity and avoid irrational fears.  Make him aware by issuing realistic warnings against danger.  But don't overprotect him.

¥ TEACH THE CHILD THE 'HOW-TO' OF DAILY LIFE SO HE CAN FUNCTION WITH FRUSTRATION.  Confidence grows in the soil of doing it yourself.  We laugh at the boy who can't get his own breakfast  or the man who is lost without his wife to pick out his socks.  Seldom do we consider the fact that nobody ever took the time to teach them.

¥ FENCES LEND SECURITY FOR EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT.  Set reasonable limits for a child's behavior.  Just as surely as a backyard fence protects in a physical way , behavioral limits shield the boy from the fear of not knowing when to stop.  In addition to setting limits are the warning about traffic, fire, drugs, etc. - all the many traps of childhood. Such concern tells the boy that his parents care very much that happens to him.

Things To Never, Never Do.

Don't threaten; you reduce your own authority.

Don't bribe; this is a clear indication of lake of control.

Don't refuse to explain; they'll of elsewhere and leave yo on the outside.

Don't use sarcasm or embarrassment.  This is the fastest way to demolish a relationship.

Don't dash his dreams.  This is your ticket into the generation gap.

If a child lives with criticism, he doesn't learn responsibility.  He learn to condemn himself and find fault with others.  He learns to doubt his own judgement.

When a child lives with parents who believe in him. he instinctively holds a higher view of himself and his brothers and sisters, as well.  Everybody's sense of worth is enhanced.

Ways of Reinforcing Values

Do, rather than just talk about.

Use new methods, new ideas.

Use other than your own suggestions.

Provide opportunity for discussion and participation.

Encourage communication.

Encourage expression.

Develop a more mature understanding of meaning of honor.

Show more understanding of the worth of individuals.

Learn the meaning of helping people sharing, and giving of one's self rather than just things or money.

Develop an awareness of the need for service.  Accept service as a personal and group responsibility.

Show feelings of responsibility to community, state and nation.

Develop an understanding of the United States in relation to the rest of world.

Have pride in our country and its heritage.

Show an understanding of out country's basic ideals.

Recognize and appreciate the differences of all human beings.

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