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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Develop an interest in and concern for others.

Extend kindness, consideration and involvement beyond your immediate circle of family and friends.

Use an understanding of self as a basis for understanding others.

A Supportive Climate

As a child grows and communicates, he needs the assurance that he can be himself.  This provides freedom for  him to experience things and express his feelings without fear of rejections.

Children want to please the adults in their lives.  They get their recognition from them; they are dependent on them.  It is important for parents to continuously provide a supportive environment.  Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of uproar, fear of physical abuse, all are part of a defensive climate.

The Art of Family Communication

Communication is a basic part of all human life.  It is one of the significant differences separating people from animals.  The experts in communication point out that this art contains three basic elements: (1) talking:  (2) listening: and (3) understanding.  Everyone knows how to define talking, but talking does not guarantee communication.  It has been said, "Talking is easy; anyone can do it.  But communication is hard work."

Communication requires two people, but concentrating on the same thing: that which is being said.  Because talking is so much easier than listening, the hardest problem in the whole process is listening.

Love Is.....

¥ Doing something for others even when you don't have time.

¥ Love is making others happy when you would rather be alone.

¥ Not being irritable when others get in your way or interrupt you.

¥ It is kind and patient regardless of the circumstances.

¥ Looking for ways to make others happy no matter who they are.

¥ Love is honest and just, but also tender understanding and compassionate.

¥ More than a paper valentine or sentimental love note.

¥ It is operative all the time and lasts for a lifetime.

¥ Not getting upset or angry on the spur of the moment.

¥ It chooses to be consistent through hard experiences and finds its joy in God--not circumstances.

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