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Service Projects

Service, best exemplified by the daily Good Turn has long been a tradition in Scouting.  Good citizenship is best taught by service in action.

To get the most Cub Scouting has to offer, boys should have opportunities to take part in den and pack service projects.  This is one of the best way to show boys that helping other people is not only beneficial to others, but is fun and rewarding for themselves.  They will experience a warm feeling that comes from giving to others.

Pack Projects

¥ Contribution to one of the many organization which help alleviate hunger and starvation around our community or the world.

¥ Plan a trip to a nursing or convalescent home around one of the Cub Scouts themes.  Wear costumes, put on skits or puppet shows, or provide some type of entertainment.

¥ Plan a service project to benefit your chartering organization.  Check to see what type of help is needed, then get to work.

Den Projects

¥ Shut-in adults and  children need excitement added to their lives.  Many times they receive special attention during the holidays.  Why not select some other time of the year to make them feel "special".

¥ Visit and put on a den skit, sing Cub Scout songs or make gifts.

¥ Make tray favors for hospitals or nursing homes.

¥ Collect games, books or puzzles to take to a day care center.

¥ Make puppets and put on a show for a childrens' hospital.

¥ Collect and donate magazines to nursing homes or hospitals.

¥ Leaf raking party. Rake into one big pile, toll and jump in them and then put them in plastic bags or on a compost pile.

Individual Projects

¥ Run errands of sick or elderly persons, or neighbors.

¥ Read to a smaller child.

¥ Pick up litter.

¥ Plan new trees.

No doubt you and your Cub Scouts will be able to think of many more useful service projects.  Most institutions have restrictions, so be sure to clear your project with the person in charge.  This will eliminate duplicate efforts by other groups, and will prevent embarrassment if some regulation is not followed.

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