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Themes And How They Work

The secret of good planning for Cub Scout den and pack activities is the wise use of monthly themes. A theme is simply an idea or emphasis around which leaders plan things for the Cub Scout dens to do from one pack meeting to the next.

The theme idea simplifies the planning of den and pack meetings. It gives each den a focus for its work and play during the month and brings all dens together at the pack meeting with skits, stunts, and handicrafts, all related to a single theme. If the dens are active during the month on a common idea, an interesting and entertaining pack meeting is the natural result because it reviews all the things the dens have done. Parents and Cub Scouts alike are eager to see what other dens have done with the theme. A friendly rivalry usually results, and quite often den spirit is developed, even among parents.

We must remember that the Webelos dens do not use the pack's monthly themes. Instead, they work on one of the activity badge areas. Often the Cub Scout theme and activity badge area are compatible, such as "Indian Lore" and "Artist" of "Genius" and "Engineer".

The aim of the theme idea is to open the door to new fun and adventure by providing a different kind of experience for each month of the year. The theme should have a broad appeal for boys. It should give each Cub Scout a chance to express his own interests and to use his own abilities. The themes should steer boys toward new fields, interests, and hobbies they might not otherwise discover for themselves.

On the following pages you will find the monthly themes for the upcoming year as set forth by the Boy Scouts of America. Accompanying each theme is a calendar for that month which you can use to keep track of your scouting experiences.

Packs are not obligated to use the recommended themes, although there are benefits to be gained by using them. These themes are selected and planned to appeal to boys and to offer opportunities to achieve the Purposes of Cub Scouting. They are the subjects on which the most program material will be available.

If you decide to use a different theme then the one provided, then keep in mind the following suggestions:

¥ It must have strong appeal for boys

¥ It should offer variety so each boy can do the things he likes.

¥ It should instill the deeper values of Cub Scouting.

¥ It should be fun.

¥ It should contribute toward the development and maintenance of strong family relationships.

¥ It should be simple, within the capability and interests of both Cub Scouts and Parents.

Above all remember to "KEEP IT SIMPLE, MAKE IT FUN"

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