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¥ CLOSING - A sometimes overlooked (particularly on outings), but very important part of your meeting. The last part of a pack meeting is frequently the longest remembered. An effective way to leave boys and parents with a good attitude and spirit, is to immediately precede your closing with a "Cubmaster's Minute"....a few words to inspire enthusiasm and dedication.

Always remember....it is easy to develop a ceremony that is meaningful for adults. It is a little more difficult (but more fun) to develop something meaningful to 7, 8, 9, and 10 year-old boys. Keep it simple, make it fun, and , above all, have FUN.

Hints For Ceremonies

Here are some points to remember when developing your ceremonies:

¥ Base your ceremony on Cub Scout ideals....the Promise, Law of the Pack, Motto.

¥ Plan the ceremony to build Cub Scout spirit.

¥ It should inspire and have color, but should be sincere.

¥ It should be well planned and staged to avoid delays and mix-ups.

¥ It should instill high regard for patriotism and citizenship.

¥ Use candles, campfire, flag or Cub emblem as a focal point.

¥ If specific speaking parts are required, have them read from a script with the speaker out of sight of the audience. Be sure he can be heard. Ceremonies are lifeless if the speaker can't be understood.

¥ A good ceremony can be measured by the Cub Scout yardstick...FUN!

¥ Each person involved should have a copy of the script. Have extra copies in case you need someone to pinch-hit at the last minute.

¥ Homemade costumes enhance the ceremony and mean much to parents and boys.

¥ Ceremonies mean more to Cub Scouts who help make the "props".

¥ Careful consideration must be given to the place where the ceremony will take place. Ceremonies can be changed, but often you location cannot.

¥ Make your ceremonies dignified. Rule out horseplay. Avoid situations which will create laughs or yawns. Never sacrifice dignity for fun.

¥ Every sound, action, and prop has meaning. This is symbolism. When you put it all together, you have a ceremony.

¥ Avoid mass ceremonies for presentation of awards. Each boy is an individual, and should be recognized as such!

¥ Always give immediate recognition.

Ingredients For Ceremonies

ACTIONUse as many people as possible. Force them to move about by having them use ceremonial props.

ADVENTURERelate the ceremony to the theme of the month, if possible. Have the participants identified with the theme through action, narration, and costume.

COORDINATIONPlan ahead, anticipating each step in the ceremony. Anticipate the props which will be needed and start work on them as soon as possible. Take nothing for granted. Explain the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN of the ceremony.

DELEGATION OFDon't try to do everything yourself. Rely on others to help,

AUTHORITYbut be sure to have a handle on the entire planning.

DIGNITYDo not permit any horseplay or other action which will detract from the dignity of the occasion if you want to hold the attention of your audience.

IMAGINATIONGet showmanship into the act. If the Cubmaster doesn't have a dramatic flair, rely on someone else to produce the ceremonies.

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