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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Good. You are about to start on the Cub Scout trail. Please repeat with me the Law of the Pack.

(addressing parents) Cub Scouting is a family program. Parents have certain responsibilities too. They are expected to help their son advance in rank. They are expected to attend pack meetings with their son, and help at other times when called upon. Are you willing to do these things to help your son  achieve the goals and fun that will be his in Cub Scouting?

(to boy and parents) You are all starting the Cub Scouting trail which leads to the great game of Scouting. May each of you be happy in our pack.

(pinning on Bobcat pin) I am pinning on this Bobcat pin upside down. After you have done your first good turn which is approved by your parents, you may turn it right. Welcome to our pack.

Bobcat Induction Ceremony #3

Personnel : Bobcat candidate, parents, Cubmaster

Equipment: 1x6 board, 2 nails, 2 strings 18" long, 2 metal washers

1. Drive a nail into each end of the board, slightly off center.

With 1/4" left protruding. Print ACHIEVEMENT on one side of board and PARENT COOPERATION on the other. Tie a washer to one end of each of the strings.

2. Ask the Bobcat candidate to take the string and washer and lift the board from the floor by hooking the washer over the nail. It will slip off.

3. Ask the Bobcat's parents to try the same thing with the same string.

4. When they have tried and failed, pull the second string from your pocket and give it to the boy. Tell him and his parents to put a washer on each nail and together pull the board up. Together, they should succeed. The ÊboardÊshould slip so the words can been seen.

5. Explain that achievements in Cub Scouting will always depend on the Cub Scout and his parents working together, just as they have done tonight.

Patriotic Opening #1

Equipment:American flag. One red, one white and one blue candle in holders.

Personnel:4 Cub Scouts, Den Chief.

Staging:After flags are advanced in usual manner, and before they are posted, the 4 Cub Scouts recite these lines:

Den Chief:Practically from the beginning of time, man has used symbols to express hope, ideals and love in his own nation. Our flag represents the ideals and traditions of our people, their progress in art and science, commerce and agriculture. It symbolizes the sacrifices made by men and women for the future of America. It stands for your  home, and everything and everyone you hold dear.

1st Cub:I light the red candle which is the symbol of the red in our flag. It stands for hardiness and valor, and symbolizes the life blood of brave men and women.

2nd Cub:I light the white candle which is the symbol of purity and innocence and symbolizes the white of our flag.

3rd Cub:I light the blue candle which is the symbol of perseverance and justice, and symbolizes the eternal blue of the heavens.

4th Cub:The stars in our flag represent states. The indicated that the heights of achievement for our nation are limitless as the heavens above us.

Please join us in the Pledge of allegiance to our flag.

(Audience stands, salutes and repeats pledge of allegiance. Flags are posted. Color guard retires.)

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