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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

So let's not go through life, not communicating because we're going the WRONG WAY (boy comes out with 'Wrong Way' sign)

Just remember to say U-TURN O.K.? (Next boy carries 'U TURN'sign) When you're talking instead of listening to what he has to say.


Cubmaster Thought...."Did you ever notice how pleasant it is to be around people who have a cheerful attitude? On the other hand, we sometimes avoid a person who is grumpy and looks on the dark side of things.  Sometimes we can't avoid being sad or unhappy when things go wrong, but even then it's best to try to be cheerful.  Cub Scouts who have a cheerful attitude not only make life easier for themselves but spread that attitude to others."


Ask everyone to stand. Cubmaster gives the words and demonstrated the signs used in the ceremony. Then everyone joins in.

Boy Scout SignMay the spirit of Scouting

Cub Scout Signand the light of Akela

Point fingerbe with you and me

Both arms out.until our paths

Arms crossedcross

Cub sign (on wrist, then

elbow, then shoulder.again.

Den Ceremonies

Den ceremonies are to pack ceremonies what stunts are to skits; short, informal, fun and designed for presentation and participation with a small group of boys gathered about the leader.  They may stand or sit in a circle or some other formation to indicate this is a special time.

Cubby Thought

Den ceremonies are easy to skip, but don't be tempted to omit them from your den meeting. They promote a feeling of group togetherness and make each Cub take away that special warmth that keeps him coming back.

Types Of Den Ceremonies

Opening and closing a meeting

Immediate recognition awards

Thanking boys, parents, leaders or guests

Welcoming new members or visitors

Good-byes to transfers or graduates

Denner or Den Chief installation

Celebrating birthdays

Patriotic and Cub Scout ideals should be used often, but not exclusively. Base some ceremonies on monthly themes, holidays, religious, local or historical events, or use closing words on a general inspirational theme. Songs, den yells, applause, cadences, theme-related roll calls, or a short parade can all be den ceremonies.

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