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Cubby Thought

If you den has the job of a  ceremony for a pack meeting, use this ceremony several times in your den meeting.  Rehearsals are accomplished without using up too much craft, game or outing time.

KEEP THEM SIMPLE: Important in den ceremonies, don't compete with the pack meeting ceremonies. Occasionally give the boys an opportunity to plan and lead ceremonies, but have them tell you a week in advance what is planned - this is not the time for surprises.

KEEP THEM SHORT: Build around everyday den experiences of the boy and the den.

DON'T GET IN A RUT: Vary the ceremonies so that boys don't tire of them. Don't open the den meeting and close it in the same way each week. Boys like something new.

By keeping many possibilities in mind, a den leader can have simple, yet varied and fun ceremonies.


lst week: Say Law of the Pack in a Friendship Circle.

2nd week: Use a theme-related ceremony from the pow wow book.

3rd week: Flag ceremony and Pledge of Allegiance.

4th week: Use Grand Howl, Den Yell, or an applause stunt tapped out on oatmeal box drums (or clapped).

5th week: Sing a song about a holiday or one from the pow wow book or Cub Scout Song book.


1st week: Make a Living Circle and say the Cub Scout motto.

2nd week: Use a theme-related ceremony from the pow wow book.

3rd week: Retire the flag and hum Taps.

4th week: Have Cub repeat the Cub Scout Prayer as you say each line.

5th week: Close with a brief den leader's thought.

Round Of Applause

Clap moving hands in a circle. (This is good to use when recognizing a boys achievement outside of cubbing.)

Example:  Let's give Robbie a round of applause for winning the Spelling Bee this week.

Flag Ceremony

The following words printed on a small index card will help the boys for the pack's opening flag ceremony:

Will the audience please rise.

Color guard advance. (flags come forward)

Present the colors.


Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Two! (Drop salute)

Post the colors.

Color guards retreat

You may be seated.

Receiving New Members

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