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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Here is one occasion that the boys may prefer to have each new boy welcomed into the den in the same way.  One way of doing this is to reserve one song for welcoming. Here are two welcoming songs that can be used:

WE'RE GLAD TO SEE YOU HERE (Tune: Farmer in the Dell)

We're glad to see you here.

It gives us joy and cheer.

Sure, it's true, we say to you.

We're glad to see you here.


We welcome you to our Cub Den.

We're mighty glad you're here.

We'll start the air shaking.

With a mighty cheer.

We'll sing you in; we'll sing you out.

For you we'll raise a shout!

Birthday Ceremonies

Early in the year, have boys answer roll call with their birth dates.  Use the following ideas to celebrate during the opening ceremony:

Sing "Happy Birthday".

Present a card signed by the den.

Have each boy light a candle and wish him Happy Birthday.

Light candles on a birthday cake and let him make a wish.

Give him a Bear book if he is 9.

Denner Installation

Select a denner by drawing straws, alphabetically, or by whatever arrangement is customary in your den. If you have both Wolves and Bears, you may want to let the Bears be first so they can earn the section on being a leader. Install the denner and his assistant immediately.

The den leader or den chief leads the new denner to a table with a large candle.

Den Chief:(Name of boy) has been selected Denner of Den (number).  It is your job to call roll, bring refreshments, and help clean up after meetings this month. (adjust to fit duties and time period in your den.)  Will you accept this responsibility?

Denner:I will do my best.

Den Chief:I will light this candle to symbolize the on-going Spirit of Scouting. Cubs, let us join together in saying the Cub Scout Promise to show our support for Cub Scouting and our new Denner.

Immediate Recognition

Advancement ceremonies happen in pack meetings, so den ceremonies must be simple and different. Your den achievement chart can be marked with great ceremony and a special marker.  The proper emblem can be hung by the boy on your Den Doodle.

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