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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Just as Scouting has many challenges to explore, the only limitation is your willingness to try. (give commands for Pledge of Allegiance)


Props:1 small snowflake for each award with the award attached.

1 cut out snowflake for each Cub and parent.

Cubmaster:Snowflakes always appear as six-sided crystals. If you use your imagination just a little, you can see that there are six areas in the climb to the top of the Cub Scouting experience.

Will all Bobcats please come forward with their parent. (Awards chairman present the award and gives each a snowflake.)

Do the same for all of the following:

WolfWolf Arrow Points

BearBear Arrow Points


(Have all boys remain at the front of the room until all awards are presented.)

Cubmaster:With this group of people gathered here, we have made a snowstorm out of a lot of small snowflakes.  Just as the wind blows snow into a storm, parents provide a force to make a Cub Scout form all facets of his life as he grows into a bigger, stronger person both physically and mentally.


Form a "Living Circle" and say : "Go forth and explore"

February - Blue & Gold Traditions

Blue And Gold Opening

Personal :Assistant Cubmaster, 12 parents

Equipment:6 blue and 6 gold 12 inch candles

1 candle holder or log for 12 candles

12 3x5 cards - with one point of the Scout Law written on each.

Give each parent a candle and a card.  All participants are gathered at the rear of the room. The Asst Cubmaster comes forward, carrying the candleholder, stops, turns and faces the audience. The lights are turned off. The 12 candles are lighted and, one by one, the 12 parents come forward with a lighted candle.

Upon reaching the front, each parent faces the audience and reads the Scout law on the card then places his candle in the candleholder. After placing the candle, form a semi-circle around the candleholder.

Asst Cubmaster:One candle, like one point of the Scout Law, gives some light.  All the candles, like all the points of the Scout Law, brighten the entire room as surely as the Scout Law brightens the young lives of our boys. Today we have gathered here to celebrate the Cub Scout Birthday based on the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, Scout Oath, and Scout Law, and wish them many more.  Will all the adults please stand and sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to our boys!

(After the song, the lighted candles and holder are placed on the head table, followed by the posting of the colors and the invocation.)

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