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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth


Props:All awards have been individually wrapped in blue and gold paper and ribbon as birthday gifts.

Setting:Narrator presents ceremony from front of room with three stacks of "Birthday Gift Awards" on a table in front.

Narrator:Tonight being Scouting's ____ Birthday Party, it's time to give presents so we won't be tardy.

Our first presents go to Cubs that are new.

So we would like to award Bobcat badges to these few.

(Read names and give each a "Birthday Gift".)

To celebrate their efforts and time

We'd like to award Wolf badges to these Cubs combined.

(Read names and give each his "gift")

Our last group of Cubs to be recognized tonight,  Richly deserve this gift by right. The Bear badge they've earned take time and attention, and work on their part too numerous to mention.

(Read names and give each Cub a gift)

(After names have been read and gifts given, present Webelos badges in much the same fashion, and then give the closing thought below:)

Enjoy these small gifts from Scouting that you have worked to achieve.  But, remember, a gift is much richer by far when you give instead of receive.  So please give what you have learned of Scouting to others, tonight when you leave.

Blue And Gold Closing -- Meaning Of The Blue And Gold

Staging:Lights are dimmed. Spotlight on pack flag.


As we close our meeting tonight, let's give a thought to the meaning of the blue and gold colors of Cub Scouting. Did you know that the blue and gold you see on the Cub uniform was not chosen merely because it was attractive?  Each color has a very definite meaning.

The Blue stands for truth and spirituality - for steadfastness and loyalty - and for the sky above.

The Gold stands for warm sunlight - good cheer - and happiness.  

So, may the meaning of these two colors shine forth in our lives as we bring the Scouting program into the lives of boys.

Blue And Gold Flag Ceremony

Narrator:I represent the Spirit of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouting. I am also the Spirit of Scouting Past and Present. Here is our future---Cub Scouts of America.

1st Boy:In the Cub Scout Promise, we say, "I promise to do my duty to God", and religious activities are part of our rank advancement program. I like to wear my uniform to church on Scout Sunday. Nearly half of all Cub Scout packs are sponsored by churches.

2nd Boy:I wear my uniform with pride. People know I am a Cub Scout, growing straight and strong through Cub Scouting. There is only one official uniform.  The colors of the uniform have meaning.. Blue stands for truth and loyalty; gold, for good

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