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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

cheer and happiness.

3rd Boy:(Carrying Indian headdress) Early Cub Scout ceremonies were based on Kipling's jungle tales.  When Cub Scouting was established in America in 1930, Indian themes were used.  Akela was the big Chief of the Webelos tribe - to which all Cub Scouts belong.  Chief Akela's father, Arrow of Light, stated that all men were brothers, and a tribe could be no greater than its boys.

4th Boy:(Carrying wood project) Cub Scouting means FUN! We have lots of fun, but I like making things - real boy projects -things we can play with our that follow our theme.  Cub Scout arrow points and Webelos activity badges give us many different projects to work on so we make useful things and learn new skills while we progress.

5th Boy:(Carrying a collection) I like to go on hikes and collect things for my nature collection.  Hikes help us to appreciate the outdoors and help us grow physically.

6th Boy:(Carrying American Flag) I am proud to be an American so I can salute our flag.  I also like to see our pack flag (points to it) because then I know I am part of ___ years of Scouting.  I belong!  When you salute the U.S. flag, you salute a lot of other things too.  You salute your family, your home, your friends, your Cub Scout den, your fellow Americans, and this land of freedom - Because they are America!

Narrator:Yes, I represent the Past and the Present. These boys - Cubs Scouts now - are the men of Tomorrow.  They will be the preservers of our American heritage. (Pause) Please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

March - Wheels, Wings, Rudders

Pinewood Derby Opening

Each boy should read his line from a card which has the first letter of the sentence on the front side.

DDads and sons this month have had some fun.

EEveryone working to make their pinewood derby car run.

RRaces will be held right here tonight.

BBoys and dads hoping they built their's just right.

YYearning to WIN a race or two.

TThinking hard about the competitions our car must go through

IIn just a short while the races will begin.

MMay all the best cars win.

EEverybody please rise. Let us say the pledge to the flag.


Equipment:Pinewood Derby track, badges of rank, or decals, and awards to be given. Put decals or actual badges of rank on cardboard and attach to 8 inch long sticks.  Tape or tack these to siderails of derby track in ascending order - Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light. At the appropriate places on the track, have the badges and arrow points.

Cubmaster:We've all had a great time tonight watching the pinewood derby cars race down this track. They really speed downhill, don't they? Well, you can go uphill on this track too.  It's a little harder, but it's worth the climb from Bobcat to Wolf to Bear, etc. Some of our Cub Scouts have been climbing this course, and now we are going to show how far they have progressed.  Will the following Cub Scouts who have made the climb as far as Wolf please come forward with their parents.

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