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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

(When boys and parents come forward, remove the awards from the track and have the parents pin the badges on.)

Closing Thought

Cubmaster:At the end of our pinewood derby night, I would like to say that we were all winners here tonight. Dad has more respect for his son whether he was a humble winner or graceful loser. Mom was proud of her son whether she gave him a hug of congratulations or comfort. Each boy gained a better knowledge of competition; how to win, how to lose, how to be happy for a friend who is taking home the trophy he wanted. The leaders, in the pride they felt, knowing each of their boys had done his best. Building the car helped bring families together and cheering for our den members helped bring the den closer together. No, there are only winners here tonight. Thank you all for helping to make the pack go and Cub Scouts go. Good night and CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF US WINNERS!

April - Shape Up


Arrangement:7 boys come on stage, carrying various kinds of muscle-building equipment. They use the equipment and in turn, speak the lines below.

1st Boy:To keep your body strong and healthy, it is more valuable than being wealthy.

2nd Boy:When you are fit, you feel so good, and try to do the things you should.

3rd Boy:It helps you lend a helping hand, to needy folks around our land.

4th Boy:Eating the right foods is always wise, and everyone needs some exercise.

5th Boy:Stand on tiptoes, one, two, three, touch your toes, don't bend a knee.

6th Boy:Run a while, then slow your pace, practice will help you win the race.

7th Boy:Scouting builds young boys into men, and this is where it all begins.

A Cub Olympics Opening

Cubmaster:We promise, that we will take part in our game, in fair competition, respecting the e rules that govern them and with the desire to take part in the true spirit of sportsmanship for honor to our dens and for the glory of the sport.

Do we all promise to do your best to obey this promise?

Cubs:We do!

Cubmaster:Let us all stand and face the American Flag, as we repeat the pledge of allegiance.


CM:Cub Scout age boys dream of being great athletes, spacemen, tarzans, or other persons with outstanding physical power. They like to test and show off their muscles. These are part of the dreams of boyhood.

 Tonight, we have several boys who have achieved part of their goal to become stronger.  Will the following boys and their parents please come forward?

(Call names of boys and parents)

Boys, while you have worked on your advancement you have learned many things which have made you stronger and bigger.  To illustrate this, look at this plain stick.  It represents a boy your age who has not been working in scouting.  He hasn't had people like your den leader or parents helping him as you have.  He has not learned all that you have learned.  He stands alone weakly, and breaks easily, as evidenced by this one stick. (Break stick) See how easily it is broken.

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