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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

As you work and develop your skills, you will become stronger.  (Show this by adding more sticks - it becomes harder to break.)

Now, I am proud to present to you, your parents and they in turn may present to your (wolf, bear etc) badge.


(This award can be presented pinned to a small weightlifting bar made from a cardboard roll stuck into two round styrofoam balls painted black.)


(Have the boys on stage wearing cardboard feet which have scratches, cuts, band-aids, etc. on them.)

Narrator:Our Shape Up meeting has come to an end.

We now have a message to leave with you, dear friend.

Our many achievements in life make feet tired and weary.

But if there was nothing to do, our life would be dreary.

So forget the knocks and scratches, blisters and aches.

Do your best at all times, That's what success takes!

(As the poem is finished, boys lay down on stage with their cardboard feet facing the audience...each of the feet has a letter on it spelling out G-O-O-D-N-I-G-H-T)

May - Back To Nature

Conservation Pledge Opening

(Provide copies of the "Conservation Pledge" below to each person in audience, and ask them to repeat it together. Follow by Pledge of Allegiance.)

"I give my pledge as an American to save and

faithfully to defend from waste the natural

resources of my country - its soil and mineral,

its forests, waters and wildlife."

"Nature" Opening

Arrangement:6 uniformed Cub Scouts, each holding sign with a letter to spell the N-A-T-U-R-E, read the lines which have been written on back of signs.

1st Boy:N - stands for all the nests in the trees.

2nd Boy:A - is for all the acorns to be.

3rd Boy:T - stands for the trunks so firm and high.

4th Boy:U - is for under the stars in the sky.

5th Boy:R - stands for the rain that makes things grow,

6th Boy:E - is for the earth that we all love so.

"Wildlife Pledge" Closing

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