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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

July - Buckskin Pioneers

Indian Opening

Personnel:6 Cubs dressed as one Indian Chief, one medicine man, three Indian braves, and one in Cub Scout uniform.

Props:Artificial campfire, tom-tom, rattle for medicine man, and a small American flag.

Setting:Three Indian braves and medicine man are seated around fire; Indian chief is standing. Boy in uniform is off stage.

Indian Chief:(Raising arms outstretched toward the sky) Oh great father in the sky, listen to my people.

First Brave:(Raises arms toward sky) We thank thee, Great creator for the light of the sun each new day.

Second Brave:(Raises arms toward sky) We thank thee, for the beauty of the world and the plants and animals we enjoy.

Third Brave:(Raises arms toward sky) We thank thee for the night and the rest it brings.

Indian Chief:Oh, Great Father of all Cub Scouts, bless us and be with us today.

Medicine Man:(Jumps up, shakes rattle, and as the tom-tom beats, shouts) Rise up all you braves. Rise up, our white brothers!

Cub Scout:(Enters carrying American Flag, which he presents to the Indian Chief) This is the most beautiful flag in the world. It stands for freedom, Liberty, and happiness. Take it, Honor it, Respect it and love it always, for it is your and mine.

All:(Lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.)

Campfire Advancement Ceremony

The buckskin pioneers settled down at night and usually had a campfire for cooking and for warmth. It takes several ingredients to make a campfire. To start, you have to find some small sticks or twigs. (have bobcat candidates bring in some twigs or sticks and place on the ground)

Discuss their accomplishments and present badges. (set sticks on fire)

The next ingredient is to add kindling to get the fire going. (have Wolf candidates put kindling on the fire)

Discuss their accomplishments.

The next step is to add the fuel to the fire. We do this by adding wood. (have bear candidates bring in wood and place on fire)

Discuss their accomplishments.

The Webelos scout adds to his knowledge and Scouting experience by completing activities. The fire will not burn unless more wood is added. (have Webelos place more wood on the fire)

Discuss their accomplishments.

With fire now burning take an arrow and discuss the elements to earn the arrow of light. (Call candidates forward) This arrow and the light from the fire represents the highest honor a Cub Scout can achieve. The Arrow (hold up arrows) of Light. (point to fire)

Discuss accomplishments.

Good Night Cub Scouts

Using plain indian signs.

GOOD(right hand palm downward moves upsweep from waist to right shoulder level, outward)

NIGHT(both palms together, under left cheek head inclined to the left)

CUB(thumb and index finger form circles, held at top edge of head-one around ear-buff cheeks)

SCOUTS(right hand shades eyes, as in scouting position in the plains)

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