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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

August - Water Fun

Goin-Fishin Advancement

(This ceremony can be used indoors or at the waterfront.)

If you are indoors, pin the badges that were earned to a cardboard fish. Make a fishing pole out of a dowel, string and a paper clip hook. Put a paper clip bent into a circle into the mouth of the fish. Make the fish different colors according to the badge pinned to it and tell each boy who earned an advancement to go fishing for a (color) fish.

Make a statement about the boys achievements and have the parents help the boy if needed.

If you are at the water, you could use the same process or you could use the water instead of a bucket to put the fish in. Simply wrap the badges tightly in tim foil and have the one who swims best in the water with the badges. When the boy casts his line out, the dad can attach the proper badge to the hook and give it a tug.

September - Explore Your Neighborhood

Welcome Back - Pack Opening

(No Scenery or costumes are required. Have the performers line up on stage with each one stepping forward as he speaks. In the seventh verse, have the boys point to the audience on the last line.)

1st Cub:Another year is starting, And we'd like to welcome you, and tell you what our purpose is, and what we hope to do.

2nd Cub:Cub Scouts is a group of boys; it helps us grow up strong, and teaches us to do what's right and fight against what's wrong.

3rd Cub:It shows us how much we can do, if we work as a team; then we'll have fun and jobs won't be as hard as they first seem.

4th Cub:We'll go on a hike and field trip, to learn of nature's wonders, so we'll respect her when we're grown and not make any blunders.

5th Cub:And we'll be shown in many ways that each man is our brother; and we will see the joy there is in helping one another.

6th Cub:We'll learn to be good citizens and, hopefully, we'll see that laws are made for all the men so each man can be free.

7th Cub:To do all this, the Cub Scouts need good leaders - this is true- that means we need the help of all of you...and you.. and YOU!!

8th Cub:And now, to start the year off right, in a good and proper manner, we'd like you all to rise and sing our own "Star Spangled Banner".


Form a circle. With right hands raised in Cub Scout sign, Cubs Scouts repeat (as you read) the "Cub Scout Neighborhood Code"

I, _______________, will do my best to be proud of my neighborhood by helping others to know the good things about my street and my community.  I will try to make my neighborhood a good place to live. Be helpful in making my street attractive by setting a good example in keeping my sidewalk and grounds clean, I will not litter and will keep garbage and trash covered and picked  up. Be considerate of others by not damaging public or private property. I will tell others why it is wrong to harm other people's things. Be a good neighbor by trying to be friendly and helpful to my neighbors. I will try to respect others even though they may be different from me and my family.

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