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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Cub 2:Yes, the Pilgrims celebrated their religious freedom with a feast after a year in the new world.  The other freedoms that we enjoy in America are freedom of speech, freedom to live as we choose, and the freedom to elect our leaders. These freedoms had to be earned and defended through the blood and sweat of our forefathers.

Cub 1:I never realized I have so many things to be thankful for!

Advancement Ceremony

Staging:One or more pilgrims, one or more Indians, Cubmaster as pilgrim, asst. cubmaster as Indian.

Pilgrim:The pilgrims came to America so they could worship as they chose. The new world was not easy.  Many things had to be learned and endured so they could survive the first year.

Indian:Survive they did, with the help of the Indians. The redman showed the pilgrims how to grow corn and how to survive.

Pilgrim:After their first year in the new world, the pilgrims gave thanks and celebrated with a great feast.

Indian:The Indians were invited and came to help celebrate with their paleface brothers.  We were different, but the same; we were brothers in this land that became known as America.

Pilgrim:Just as the pilgrims and Indians gathered, we are here tonight for a celebration.  We give thanks for what we have and celebrate the accomplishments of our Cub Scouts. The pilgrims and the Cub Scouts had to work for what they got.

Indian:Our Cubs, like the pilgrims, had to learn new skills and crafts. While the pilgrims had the friendly Indians to help them, our Cubs have their parents and leaders to help them.

Pilgrim:We have Cub Scouts that have a special reason to celebrate because they have achieved the Bobcat Rank, the first rank in Cub Scouts.

Indian:Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents please come forward to our celebration. (reads names)

Pilgrim:When the pilgrims first arrived in the new world, they were like our new Bobcats. They were new and did not know what to expect. They met people that were different than they were.  The pilgrims and our Bobcats had faith and the ability to learn. Parents, I have the honor to give you the Bobcat rank so you may present it to your son. (parents presents badges)

Indian:Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents come forward to join our celebration. (reads names)

Pilgrim:These Cub Scouts are celebrating tonight because they have gone beyond the Bobcat and have earned the Wolf Rank, the e second rank in Cub Scouts.  These scouts, like the pilgrims, soon got to work after they arrived and learned to do many things.  Their skills were crude but their faith was strong.  Their tests were harder, their accomplishments were greater and their reason for celebrating is larger than when they were bobcats just starting to learn.  Parents, I give to you the Wolf Rank badges for you to present to your sons.

(continue in same manner for Bear and Webelos Ranks)

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