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Recognitions And Awards


Certain kinds of ribbons are not practical to use as awards if you intend to write on them. Satin ribbons tend to allow inks and markers to run or easily wipe off. Be sure to try writing on your ribbon before using it for awards. You can use ribbon alone to make awards or combine it with disks and felt in many different ways. Black felt tip markers usually work well for lettering. To make special awards you can use glue and glitter sprinkled on for interesting lettering. Use you imagination! Ribbons cut out of construction paper or cardboard can make impressive awards too.


Trophies are very easy to make and can be made from a wide variety of materials. Impressive ones can be make from old trophies and their parts. Most bowling or sports trophies are pieced together, and they can be disassembled and their various parts reused. Most consist of a base, pedestal, and decorative figure, and the top section can be replaced with any number of items. Miniature cars painted gold, small action figures, carved items and much more can be substituted for those pre-made figures, and can make very nice trophies. Old trophies can often be found at swap meets and garage sales. If you do not have access to old trophies, you can assemble your own simply by using the same basic three parts. A plaque or base holds the pedestal or supporting piece, and decoration usually tops it off. Sometimes a trophy will consist merely of a base and a figurine. Adding the lettering to personalize it finishes it off.

Bases can be made of the same materials as plaques. The pedestals can be anything from a box,can, or block of wood or the top decoration can stand by itself,elimination the pedestal altogether. The decorative figures can be made of paper mache, salt dough, tinker toys, miniatures of any kind. The list is endless......

The most important thing to remember when making your own trophies is to glue them securely and let them dry adequately, especially when working with heavy materials. Also, be sure that the glue you select is the appropriate one for the job. Remember that your trophies are unique so they don't have to fit any ones standards by your own. You can be as creative as you wish. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Using scrap lumber, build a stand for winners to rest their winning cars on. Be sure to place a small retaining strip for the cars' wheels to rest against. It will serve as a trophy and display. Wood burn information on the face of the trophy. Add winners name at the Pack Pinewood Derby.


A plaque is a neat way to display pictures, patches, and lettering for recognition. Plaques can be made out of practically anything. Paneling, hardboard, lumber, tree trunk slices, sheet metal, plastic sheets, linoleum pieces, etc., are all good candidates for plaques. Plaques are versatile and can be used in many ways. Lettering can be done by carving, wood burning, painting, stenciling, using stickers or lettering tape, etc. They can be stained, decoupage, painted, left natural, etc.

With a label maker and the plaster of paris molds for pinewood, space and model rocket derbies, which are available from you Scout distributor, you can make excellent award plaques. For a change, cut the shield from pine or plywood and paint or stain with brown shoe polish. Attach plaster car or rocket. Use label maker for the winner's name or letter with a black felt pen. Miniature plaques can be made from smaller plaques using alphabet soup letters.


A medal is anything that can be hung on a string or ribbon and placed around a boy's neck. A variety of small objects can be used.

Party favors, tiny toys, a leather round, a wooden circle with wood-burned letters on it or a piece of cardboard cut into an interesting shape work well.

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