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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

a unique idea for medals is to use "shrinking plastic". Commercially sold as Shrinky-Dinks, this plastic material can be purchased at most hobby shops. A design can be drawn on and colored in, depicting anything you like. After the design is traced onto the plastic and cut out, the material is placed into and oven at low heat. There it shrinks in an attractive small picture suitable for hanging on a string and being used as a small medal. The shrunken design is very detailed and makes an attractive medal.

Leather rounds are inexpensive and can be stamped with a variety of designs or can be written on with markers to resemble a real medallion. Wooden circles can be cut from thin wood, such as paneling, and decorated by using a wood burning set or markers.

Use a frozen juice can lid, covering the face with the largest circle and use hot glue to secure edges in back. Next glue ruffle in place, attach ribbon and glue in place. Cover all rough edges with smaller circle and glue into place applying pressure until secure. Remember, hot glue can burn so use a craft stick or something similar to prevent burns.

Parent Attendance Award

Each pack has its own way of building family attendance at the pack meetings. Some have a simple trophy of a  homemade "Cubby" which is presented to the den having the best adult attendance at each pack meeting. The winning den keeps the trophy in its meeting place until the next pack meeting, where it is passed on. "Cubby" is a homemade attendance trophy, made from tin cans and any scrap material. Challenge a creative parent to design and make your attendance trophy.

Some packs present a family attendance ribbon to the den or dens with the best parent attendance. The den or dens are presented with a ribbon to be attached to the den flag. If attendance of families at pack meetings is not what you would it to be, perhaps the pack committee can come up with a plan for increasing attendance.

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