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Presenting The Awards

Trained leaders have the knowledge and self confidence needed to provide young people with a quality program. It is important to the recognition plan that all awards be presented in a dignified manner at an occasion befitting the achievement.

Immediate recognition of achievement should be given by presentation of the award in the presence of the unit membership and representatives of the charted organization. Announcement in the council newsletter and in other news media is also recommended. In addition, announcements at a major event in the district or council are desirable.

REMEMBER: Adult Scouters are volunteers. Ask, don't order. Their only payment is the personal satisfaction and recognition received for their efforts. Give them a job and let them do it. Recognize and reward results. How long would you work without a paycheck?

Keep in mind that an important objective is to encourage other leaders to strive to be fully trained. Properly handled, the awards presentation can serve to prompt others to seek training and recognition.

Examples Of Recognition For Other Occasions

Apple Award - For the person with great appeal (real or plastic apple).

Arrow of Light - Graduation and Arrow of Light. Cover the board with vinyl then use a large Arrow of Light pin and letter.

Basket Award - For the person who carried more than their share of the load (small basket glued to ribbon)

Blue & Gold - Thanks for serving as Blue and Gold chairman, glue wooden spoon, and a Cub Scout sticker.

Bonafide Award - Spray gold or cover with varnish a dog bone for the leader deserving an "Award".

Bud Award - For the person who 'bugs' you to do your best (make with chenille sticks and movable eyes, or buy).

Candle Award - For the person who really lights up (mount small candle on base).

Class A or Flying A - Cut out the letter A (can add wings), spray gold for the first class effort, (use wood or heavy cardboard).

Cone Award - For the person who can lick any job (mount ice cream cone on base).

Broom Award - For the person who sweeps all the mistakes away (small broom)

Crutch Award - For the person whom you can always lean (mount small crutch on base).

Cubby - Cut out a Cub Scout's head or Wolf decal on a plaque for outstanding performance.

Duster Award - For the person who always does the dirty work (small wooden dowel with felt used as a duster part with pompom on top).

Genuine Diamond Stick Pin - The special award for a group activity. Give to each participant (mount a dime and a stick pin on base).

Good Egg Award - Spray a Leggs' Egg with gold paint or make one from salt dough for a leader who comes through or the person who doesn't crack under pressure.

Heads Award - For the person who is 'heads' above the rest (mount small wooden heads on base).

Heart Award #1 - For the person who is all heart (give large plastic heart, wooden or cardboard cut-out)

Helping Hand Award - Picture of a hand tracing with your specific award written within the tracing.

Kiss Award - For the person who deserves a big 'kiss' (mount kiss on base).

Life Saver Award - For the person who saved you (mount Life Saver on base).

Lollipop Award - For the person who can't be licked (mount small lollipop on base).

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