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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Match Award - For the leader who may be getting burnout (2 matches, one lit, the other not covered so they stay together and mount saying "stick with it, don't get burned out of Scouting").

Measure Up - Give a 6" ruler to the leader whose performance set the standard.

Nuts about "_________" Award - Attach nuts to a plaque adding movable eyes and smiles, for the leader who had to be "nut" to take on a hard task.

Order of the Bear - Any type of bear given to the leader who did a "Berry Good Job" made thing "Bearable" or for the "Beary Best".

Order of the Level - For the person who is half a bubble off (small level).

Order of the Nut - For the person who is a little nuts (mount metal nuts on base, or use edible nuts).

Order of the Spare Marble - For the person who may need it (marble in a bag or mounted).

Our Eyes Are on You - Wiggly eyes glued to ribbon for the leader who sets the example.

Pear Award - For the great "pair (mount a plastic pear on base and give to husband and wife team).

Pedro Salutes - Glue 3 clothes pins together, add twine for a tail and wiggly eyes for outstanding job for leader who carried the heaviest load.

Plaque - (cut to resemble a shoe) Hole is cut in wood for the "o" in whole.

Raise in Pay - For the person who deserves a "raisin" pay (mount a small box of raisins).

Silver Spoon or Gold - For the person who really digs in to help (spray paint plastic spoon).

SOR Ticket Chairman - Use a Scout-O-Rama patch and make a plaque. Thanks for your help. Glue pennies around the border of a plaque.

Successful Scouting - Cut out a key to leaders who are the key to success of a program.

Summer Time Activities Chairman - A plaster sunshine glued to a plaque.

Thank You For The Clean Up - Film canister of dish washer soap, container is used for trash bin with paper, tissue, string, foil, etc., to resemble trash.

Thanks a Bundle - Thank you for fund raiser of newspaper drive chairman or most contribution from member (newspaper cut in small squares, tied to look like bundle).

Thank to Leaders - Thank you leaders for the service the have given. Use the emblem of leadership for the center.

Top Hat Award - For the person we must take our hats off to (top hat glued on ribbon).

Whisk Award - For the person who is un'beat'able at 'whisking' away our troubles (small whisk).

Wooly Mitten - For the person who participated in a winter activity (cut mitten shape from fur and attach thong).

Write on Award - For the person who is on the 'right trail' (pencil with ribbon pennant put on top).

YDG Award - "YA DONE GOOD" (cut out letters form vinyl or leather).


Handmade Certificates can be as impressive as those you purchase at a store. Varying the size, shape, type or paper, and writing implements you can make your certificates truly unique.

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