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Everyone likes to have fun!  The playing of games is an extremely easy and fulfilling way to have fun.

Cub Scouting is fun.  It is one endless game where the Cub Scout learns new skills, enlarges on known skills, and can see more clearly his place in the world around him.  Games can accomplish a large scale of activities and convey more than skill improvement.  They can encourage thought, promote team spirit, build citizenship, develop one's own mind and body, and be an outlet for excess energy.

Games Are --

¥ Lessons without teachers

¥ Body builders

¥ Mind stretchers

¥ Friend makers

¥ Building blocks

¥ Most of all games are fun

Through Games, A Cub Scout

¥ Learns new skills

¥ Develops new interests

¥ Learns to follow the rules

¥ Learns fair play

¥ Learns to wait his turn

¥ Is taught respect for the rights of others

Cubs like games in which there is a sizeable element of luck.  They do not require prizes, nor do they seem to worry if the game is not finished.  They like games which restart almost automatically, so that everyone is given a new chance.  Cubs like games whereby they gain the reassurance that comes with repetition.

Remember, the success of a game period depends greatly upon leadership.  A leader can challenge and persuade the shy Cub Scout and channel the energy of the "showoff", making den and pack meetings fun for all.

Choosing A Game

¥ Know and understand the game.

¥ Be prepared to teach the game.

¥ Take into consideration:

Physical arrangements

Equipment needs

Number involved

Abilities of the participants

¥ KISMIF - Keep it simple make it fun.  Give it full attention; practice to make it work; then evaluate to make sure it is right.

Suggestions For Conducting Games

¥ Know the game well and the area needed before teaching it.  Have all the necessary equipment on hand.

¥ Remove all possible hazards from the game area.

¥ Have the full attention of the group before trying to explain the rules of the game.

¥ To introduce the game, name it, demonstrate it, ask for questions, then start it.

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