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¥ Always insist on fair play.

¥ If a game is going badly, stop it, explain it again, then try the game once more.

¥ Play, but don't overplay a game.  A successful game will be more in demand if it is stopped while it is still being enjoyed.

¥ Be alert to overexertion.

Pack Games

The games picked for a pack meeting should be fun to play and fun to watch.  They should promote good sportsmanship, and hopefully tie into the monthly theme.

A multi-station relay can easily accomplish all of these.  For instance, if the theme were space, the stations could be... spin around Saturn... drink Tang from a big dipper... eat a cracker and whistle "When You Wish Upon A Star"... shoot the moon, etc.  In between stations, the participants could walk as if weightless.  This type of relay can easily be adapted to any theme.  Ride a broom horse between cowboy and Indian stations, or walk like Frankenstein between Halloween stations.

Games that are fun to play and fun for the pack to watch can be designed with just a little bit of innovation.  Everyone should be able to participate.  Don't just pick one or two boys from each den.  Be sure to get parents involved.  The Cubs will love watching their parents playing a game.

One of the most important aspects of keeping a pack healthy is to make the new families feel welcome.  This is true in all packs, but it is especially true in large active packs.  Often it is intimidating for new people to come into a group where everyone knows each other.  There are many ways to make new families feel welcome and playing an icebreaker game is an especially good way.  Icebreaker games are fun and a good way to get people to meet each other.  Icebreakers can be found in "Group Meeting Sparklers" and the " How To Book" available at the Scout Shop; however, designing an icebreaker for a theme is easy.  For example, if the theme were patriotic, choose four patriotic songs.  Have a slip of paper with the name of one of the written on it for each person attending the pack meeting.  Hand these slips of paper to each person as they walk in the door and have them find the others that have their matching song.  As an opening, each group could sing their song.  One person from each group could also introduce a person they didn't know before.

Den Games

Den games are designed with a small group of boys in mind.  Quiet games are helpful when weather prohibits outdoor activities.  Den games can be relays or can be played by individual boys.

An active den game is a helpful start at den meeting to "get the kinks out".  This is especially true for Den meetings that are held immediately after school.  The boys have been cooped up for several hours and starting with an active den game can provide an outlet for letting off steam and may make the group easier to handle for the quieter activities later in the meeting.

Choosing up sides among the boys is not always easy.  If there is a problem boy who is not well liked by all members, drawing straws, going in alphabetical order, or selecting two captains to chose alternately may be fair ways to select teams.

Remember...games can be used to teach fair play, promote good sportsmanship and build character..., but most of all, they should be fun.

Types Of Games

There are many types of games.  Games can be quiet or they can be active.  They can depend on chance or they can take skill, speed or strength.  There are games for one or two persons, and games for groups of any size.  Some games provide for relaxation and amusement and some stimulation through physical or mental exercise.

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