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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Play is unrestricted but games have rules.  In each game there is a contest.

Here are several types of games with examples of each:

Active Games

Hand Baseball

Materials:Basketball, volleyball or sport ball

Something to mark bases

You can have a den ball game even if the meeting place is a small backyard or a tiny area of a park.  Hand baseball can be played in an area as small as 50' x 75'.  Play it like baseball except that:

Bases are about 35' apart

Pitching distance is about 15'

A basketball, volleyball or sport ball is used, and the batter hits it with fist or open hand

The pitcher pitches underhand

A base runner may be put out by hitting him with the ball

Lame Chicken

Divide the boys into two teams and give each team 10 sticks about 10 inches long.  The sticks are placed about 10 inches apart like the rungs of a ladder.  On signal the first boy in each team hops on one foot over all 10 sticks.  He then reaches down and picks up the 10th stick and hops back over the other 9 to his team.  The second boy then begins, hopping over the 9 sticks, picking up the 9th nd returning.  Continue until all have raced.  The last boy in line hops over all remaining sticks and then picks up all of them as he hops back to the finish line.  If a player steps on any stick, he must start over from the starting line.  First team through wins.

Pioneer Went to Sleep

Everyone stands in a circle.  The first player begins by saying "Pioneer went to sleep."  The rest of the group answers "How did Pioneer got to sleep?"  The leader then says "Pioneer went to sleep like this, like this," repeating a small gesture such as nodding the head or twisting the wrist.  The rest of the group mimics the gesture and answers "like this, like this."  The entire group continues to repeat the gesture as the next boy in line says "Pioneer went to sleep," and others respond as before.  The second boy adds another gesture to the first, so that now there are two movements to keep going.  The game continues around the circle, each player adding a gesture.  By the end of the game, the entire group should be a foot-wiggling, eye-blinking, head-shaking, nose-twitching mess.  Try to add as many gestures as possible before the game totally falls apart.  Since it is difficult to do more than ten gestures at once, you may not get everyone in the group, but the challenge is to see how far you do get.  Start off slowly with small things, such  as toes and fingers, and work up to the bigger things, such as arms and legs.

Quiet Games


Materials:Cardboard letters

This game is played with cardboard letters printed on one side.  Boxes containing such letters can be bought, but it is easy to print them, and cut them out.  There should be cards for each letter of the alphabet, about six for the letters most commonly used, like A, B, C, D, E, M, P, R, S and T, and only one for such letters as J, X, Y and Z.

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