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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

These cards are placed, letters down, on the table.  Each boy draws one.  The one who draws the letter nearest to A plays first.  Putting all the letters back, the first player draws a letter and lays it down, face up, on the table.  The player to his left does the same.  As soon as any player can make a word out of one of his own letters, and the letters laid down by the others, he picks up all these cards and places them on the table before him.  For example, the first player lays down the letter O, and the second player draws the letter S, the second makes the word "so".  Any word may be taken from any player by another player who draws a letter which will make a longer word out of it. If the third player draws the letter B, he can make "sob" out of "so",and should take these letters to make this word.  The one who can make ten words first, wins.

Sentry Post

The prize goes to the quietest team in this game.  Set up two chairs about seven feet apart.  These are the sentry posts and two blindfolded players are seated in them, facing each other.  The other players divide into two teams.  At signal from the leader, the first player in each line sneaks forward on tiptoe and tries to pass between the two sentries without a sound.  If either sentry hears anything, he calls out and points in the direction from which the sound came.  If he's right, the player is "captured" and out of the game.  If he points in the wrong direction, the player sneaks ahead.  Each team goes through just once.  The winner is the team that gets the most players past the sentries.


Each player receives paper and pencil.  One die is used.  Players in turn throw the die.  Each side of the die represents one part of the bug.  Players draw parts of the body as they roll die.

Directions for play:

1One makes the body.  Player must throw a 1 before he can make other parts of his "bug."

2Two is the head.

3Feelers are 3's.  Bug has 2.

4Legs are 4's.  Bug has 6 legs.

5Eyes and mouth are 5's.  Bug has 2 eyes, 1 mouth.

6Tail is 6.

Winner is player who finishes bug first.

Target Games

Pan Toss

Materials:3 pans of different sizes

6 ping pong balls

Find three pans of different sizes which will fit one inside the other and still allow some space between the rims.  Label each pan some value from 5 to 25.

Bounce the ping pong balls so they will hop into the pans.  Score according to points allotted to each pan.


Drop three clothespins into a bottle from an erect kneeling position on a chair seat.  Pin must be held at eye level.  Score one point for each pin dropped in the bottle.

Calendar Toss

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