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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

Toss bottle tops onto a large numbered calendar page, laid flat 5 feet from the player.  Score by adding the dates on which the bottle tops come to rest.

Goal Games

Count to Ten

All players stand on one line except one player who is it.  "It" stands with his back to the other players on a goal line about 30 to 35 feet from the starting line.  "It" counts to ten as fast and as clearly as he can.  While he is counting, the other players advance as fast as they can by putting one foot directly in front of the other (heel, toe, heel, toe).  At the count of ten, "It" turns around.  Everyone freezes.  If someone moves he starts all over again.  The first player across the goal line wins and becomes the next "it".

The Wolf

The boys stand in a circle with the "Wolf" in the center.  Boys call "Wolf, Wolf, are you ready?"  Wolf answers "No, I'm putting on my shoe" and pantomimes putting on his shoes.  The other imitate him.  Again they ask "Wolf, Wolf, are you ready" and he replies that he is putting on his coat, tie, hat, etc. each time pantomiming putting on the item, while all follow suit.  Whenever he wishes, the Wolf answers with "Yes, I'm ready, and here I come".  The players rush to a goal line and the Wolf tries to tag them.  If any player is tagged, he becomes the Wolf.

Fish in the Sea

All players but one stand behind a line.  "IT" stands midway between the line and a goal line thirty feet away.  He shouts "Fish in the ocean, fish in the sea; don't get the notion you'll get by me."  The fish leave their line and try to cross the goal line without being tagged.  Players who are tagged join "IT" and help catch others.

Relay Games

Fumble Fingers Relay

Materials:2 jars with screw lids

10 toothpicks

2 pair large mittens

Each team has a pair of large mittens.  At a goal line is a jar, one for each team, containing five toothpicks.  On signal, the first person from each team races to the goal line, puts on the gloves, removes the lid, empties the jar, picks up the toothpicks and puts them back in the jar and screws on the lid.  He takes off the mittens and races back to hand them to the next player, who repeats the action.

Candle Carry

The object of this game is to carry a lit candle through an obstacle course.  Make sure the base of the candle has a holder so the hot wax won't drip on the boys' hands.  The candle must be passed from boy to boy through the course.  Each boy will have a section of the course to cover, with an assigned method to cross their section.  One might have to be riding a bicycle, another on a skateboard, another might have to jot, or walk backwards, or on a tricycle, etc.  Too swift a pace might put out the candle.  Completing the course with the candle lit is the object of the game.

Birds on a Telephone Line

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