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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Divide the group into two relay teams.  String a clothesline from one side to the other at shoulder height of the average person.  Clip 20 or more round topped clothespins onto the clothesline.  (The pins are the birds and the clothesline is the telephone line)  On signal, the first person in each team runs to the line, removes a pin with his teeth (no hands!), brings it back to his team and drops it into a sack.  The first team finished wins.

Balloon Games

Balloon Basketball

Materials:Cardboard strip 1" x 38"

Tape or staples


2 round balloons of different colors

Make a basketball hoop out of a cardboard strip about 1" wide and 38" long.  Attach the ends together by tape or staples.  Tie the hoop to the ceiling by two strings about six feet from the floor.  Divide the boys into teams, each having a different color balloon.  Have them start about 6 or 8 feet back from the basket.  On the signal "Go", the first two players bat their balloons into the air and try to make a basket.  Whoever makes a basket first catches his balloon and gives it to his team mate, who does the same.  Each basket counts as two points.  The balloon may not touch the ground or the player starts again.  Let the game go for a certain amount of time.  Highest score wins.

Static Electricity

Give each boy a balloon and at the given signal the boy blows the balloon up, ties it and rubs it on his hair to make static electricity, then he sticks it on the wall.  The balloon that sticks the longest is the winner.

The Biggest Balloon

Advance preparation is needed for this game.  You will need a pop bottle and balloon for each player.  Into each bottle put 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and into each balloon put 2 tablespoons baking soda.  At the word go, have each boy put his balloon on his pop bottle.  When the soda mixes with the vinegar the balloon will expand, thus the more you shake it the bigger it will expand.  Have the boys tie off the balloons to see which is the largest.

Tag Games

Paired Prey

Materials:1 bell

1 blindfold for each player

One person is chosen as the predator.  The predator is blindfolded and a bell is attached to his clothing.  The others pair up and decide on what animal each pair would like to be and what sound they will use.  All participants are blindfolded and the group is spread out with the predator placed in the middle of the play area.  The animal pairs are to find each other by the sounds they make before the predator touches them.  The predator should try to keep his bell as silent as possible by walking silently.  Once a pair has found each other they take the blindfolds off and walk off the field. If the predator touches an "animal" before they find their mate, the animal must take it's blindfold off and walk off the play area.  All animals walk, don't run.

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