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December 1993 - Holiday Magic

What's Wrong With Christmas

On a table or tray place a number of Christmas-type objects, such as candy canes, bell, spring of holly, ornament, etc.  Through these scatter a number of objects which are not a part of Christmas, such as a Halloween mask, green shamrock, red heart, hard boiled egg, etc.  Cover all objects until time to play the game, then remove the cover and give the boys two minutes to look at all the objects.  Re-cover the objects and give all a pencil and paper.  Ask them to write down all non-Christmas objects.  The one who remembers the most "out of place" objects is the winner.

Decorate The Tree

Cut a large Christmas tree from a sheet of green paper.  Cut ornaments of different shapes and sizes from wrapping paper.  Make two sets of ornaments.  Have one set of ornaments arranged on the tree.  Let the boys study the tree and pick out an ornament to hang.  Blindfold the first person, turn him around a few times, then let him pin or tape his ornament as close to its matching ornament on the tree.  The one that is the closest wins.

Snowball Relay

Divide the boys into two teams.  Give each boy a plastic straw.  Give a team their own small box for their snowballs (cotton balls).  Place a large box about 8 to 10 feet in front of the boys full of cotton balls.  On the signal "Go", have the first two players go to the box of cotton balls.  Using the straw to draw air through, pick up a cotton ball and take it back to his team box.  When he drops his cotton ball into the box the next players goes.  If a player drops his cotton ball on returning to his team box, he must pick it up with his straw and no hands, then continue on to his team box.

Jingle Bell Chow Mein

This game is a good one to test the skill of your boys.  You'll need 2 shallow bowls, several jingle bells and 2 full length pencils with erasers.  To play the game, place all the jingle bells in one bowl.  The player uses the two pencils as chopsticks.  With the eraser end down,  the player tries to transfer as many bells as he can from one bowl to the other.  He can use only one hand.

Helping Partners

You will need a balloon for each pair of partners.  Each pair links arms and is given a balloon.  On signal, they start batting the balloon towards the finish line 50' away.  They may not unlink arms during the race.  If the balloon falls to the ground, they must stop and pick it up before going on.

Icicle Hunt

You will need numerous pieces of string in various lengths.  Hide them around the room before the boys arrive.  Have the boys hunt for the "icicles".  The leader ends the hunt after a given period of time.  The winner is the boy whose "icicles" form the longest line when laid out end-to-end, not the player who collected the most pieces.

Bundle Relay

Boys line up in relay formation.  The first player in each line is given a ball of cord.  On signal, he passes the ball to the second player, but holds the end of the cord.  The ball is passed down the line, unrolling as it goes.  When it reaches the end, it is passed back up the line behind the backs of the players who must roll the cord back into a ball.

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