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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

January 1994 - Exploring Alaska


This one creates quite a mess, but it's worth it.  Divide into two teams and put a divider down the center of the room (like a couple of rows of chairs, back-to-back).  The two teams are on opposite sides of the divider.  Give each team a large stack of old newspapers, then give them five to ten minutes to prepare their "snow" by wadding the paper into balls-the more, the better.

When the signal to begin is given, players start tossing their snow at the opposing team which really does look like a snowstorm.  When the whistle blows, everyone must stop throwing.  Judges determine the winner by deciding which team has the least amount of snow on its side of the divider.

With larger groups, watch out for players who lose their eyeglasses or other personal belongings in the snow, which get pretty deep.  After the game is over, provide plastic garbage bags and have a race to see which side can stuff the snow into the bags first.


Teams line up.  One person on the end of each line gets a lipstick smear on the end of his nose.  The idea is to see how far down the line you can pass the lipstick smear by rubbing noses.  The team that can get the farthest or the team that can get it to the farthest in the time limit (thirty seconds, for example) is the winner.  A good prize might be Eskimo Pies.

Snowball Throw

Use a large wad of cotton or a styrofoam ball.  The boys are seated in a circle on the floor.  "IT" sits in the center of the circle.  The boys throw the snowball to each other while "IT" tries to intercept.  When he succeeds, the boy who threw the snowball becomes "IT".

Gathering Snowballs

Each boy takes a turn at trying to pick up cotton balls and put them into a mixing bowl, blindfolded.

Eskimo Circle Pass

Eskimo boys play this game with a 3-4 inch ball of sealskin filled with sand.  Find a ball of similar size.  To play the game, boys knees in a circle and pass the ball around from boy to boy with a flat, open hand (palm up).  When first learning the game, use two flat hands side-by-side rather than one.  The object of the game is to pass the ball around the circle as rapidly as possible without actually grasping it.  It can also be attempted with more than one ball at a time.

Snowball Relay

Players divide into two teams and line up relay style.  Each team is given a "snowball" (cotton or styrofoam) and a piece of cardboard.  Players move the ball across the floor and back by fanning it with cardboard.  Do not touch with hands or cardboard. Each player in turn repeats the action until all players on one team fans the snowball down to the designated line and back.  The first team to complete the course wins.

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