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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

February 1994 - Blue And Gold Traditions

Blue And Gold Balloon Pop

You will need an even amount of balloons in blue and gold.  Separately each boy will be blindfolded and will be led to the pile of balloons.  The boy has 15 seconds to reach into the pile of balloons and pull out balloons and then set on them and pop them.  Scoring:  5 point for each pair of blue and gold balloons and 1 point for extra blue and gold balloons.

After You

Divide boys into pairs.  Each pair sits with a small table, chair seat, lapboard, etc. between them.  Give each pair two spoons joined together with a length of string so that spoons are only six inches apart.  Place a slice of cake or dish of ice cream in front of each boy.  On signal, everyone starts to eat.  Each boy must eat only from his own dish and must not lift it from the table.  The pair finishing their dishes first wins.

Fashion Show

This can be quite hilarious if performed for others to watch.  Divide group into teams of about 4 persons each.  Give each team a bundle of newspapers and a package of pins.  They select one person from their team to be the model.  The others dress him in a newspaper costume, tearing the paper where necessary and pinning the pieces in place.  Do not provide scissors.  The most sensational costume wins a prize.

Mother And Cub Scout Clothespin Race

Here is a good pack game for your pack meeting that will get the mothers involved, too.  Assisted by her son, who runs to get the clothespins, a mother pins one or more paper napkins on a line.

Neckerchief Relay

Boys line up in relay formation.  The first Cub Scout in each line holds a neckerchief and a neckerchief slide in his hands.  At the other end of the room opposite each line is another boy or parent.  At the starting signal, the first boy runs to the boy or parent, places the neckerchief around their neck, puts the slide on, salutes, takes the slide off, removes the neckerchief, and returns to his team.  He then gives the neckerchief and slide to the next boy in line who repeats the process.  This continues until each boy has had his turn.

Penny Toss

Have boys form two lines.  Give one side a penny in a paper cub.  Have the boy opposite him toss the penny to him and he catches it in his paper cup.  The tossing continues back and forth with each side stepping out one step further apart each time until only two boys have not missed.  Elimination comes upon missing the cup with the penny.


How many words of three or more letters can be made from:  BADEN-POWELL.  Set time limit of 3-5 minutes.

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