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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

March 1994 - Wheels, Wings, Rudders

Space Race

Have two balls of different colors for "spacecraft".  The boys form a circle and are numbered 1,2,1,2, etc. around the circle.  The two spacecraft start from opposite sides of the circle - one held by the Ones and one held by the Twos.  At "blast off" the space craft orbit around the circle, ones to ones and twos to twos.  The object is for one spacecraft to overtake and pass the other.

My Ship Is Sailing

Seat the boys in a circle and have the first member of the circle say, "Our ship is sailing, what is its name?"  The second person must then designate a name which begins with the letter A.  He may say, for example, "Our ship is the Albatross."  Then turning to the next person in line, he asks, "Who is its captain?"  That person must give the captain's name, which starts with the next letter in the alphabet, the letter B.  He might say for example, "The captain's name is Brown."  "On what sea does she sail?"  He asks this question of the next person in the line, who must reply with some answer beginning with the letter C.  This continues around the circle, using each letter of the alphabet.  It is well for your boys to devise their own questions, as this adds originality to the game.  However, you might suggest before starting the game that questions such as these might be asked:

1.What is my ship's name?

2.Who is the captain?

3.On what sea does she sail?

4.Who is the pilot?

5.What is the cargo?

6.Under what flag does she sail?

7.What is our destination?

8.What do we see as we sail along?

9.What do we find in the ship's hold?

10.What great adventure do we meet on our trip?

Steamboat Race

Boys line up relay style.  Each boy locks his arms around the waist of the boy in front of him and holds on during the race.  On "go" signal, each group moves off as a body, walking or running in step.  They race to a given point and back again.  First "steamboat" to puff into port wins.  For extra effects:  Give first boy in each group or den a bell or whistle to use during the race; give last boys rattles to simulate stern paddle wheels.


The players are seated in a circle.  Each one is given the name or some part of the stagecoach - the wheel, the hub, the axle, the seat, the door, the harness, the brake, the horses, the driver, the passengers, the baggage, spoke, tire, step.  One of the party begins telling a story about a stagecoach, bringing in all the different things related to the coach.  As each thing is mentioned the player (or players) representing it gets up and runs around his chair.  At some point in the story the storyteller shouts "Stagecoach" when everyone must leave his seat and get a different one.  The storyteller tries to get a seat in the scramble, thus leaving another player to begin a new story.

Bat The Balloon

Divide the boys into two teams.  If played at pack meeting have eight to ten players on a side.  The two teams sit on the floor or ground facing each other with the soles of his feet touching the soles of the feet of the player opposite him.  A balloon is then tossed into the middle of the line by the leader.  Each team tries to bat the balloon over the heads of the its opponents.  A point is scored each time the balloon lands behind one of the teams.  Players may use their right hands only and if they lose contact

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