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April 1994 - Shape Up

Hop, Step And Jump Relay

Divide the boys into two groups and then let each side practice the hop, step and jump until each member can do it.  First member of each team toes a mark and takes into succession a hop, step and jump.  Second player does the same, toeing the last heel mark of his teammate.  Other members repeat the performance.  The team whose last man finishes out in front wins.

Back-To-Back Relay

Players are divided into two teams and take their places behind the starting line.  Two members of each team race at one time.  They stand back-to-back and link arms so that one walks forwards and the other backwards.  At signal, pairs head for goal line and come back, with player who has been walking backwards now walking forwards.  They touch off the next pair and the race continues until one team has finished.

Astronaut Training

This is a good physical fitness relay.  Two beanbags, two jump ropes and two rubber balls are needed.  Divide the players into tow teams.  They stand behind starting line.  At a turning line 15 feet away are a jump rope, bean bag and ball.  On signal, first player runs to turning line, takes jump rope, jumps 10 times, tosses bean bag in air 10 times and bounces ball on floor 10 times.  He runs back to his team, touches next player who repeats the action.  First team to finish is the winner.

Walk The Tightrope

Line the players up in two teams.  Give each team a 10' long piece of string -their "tightrope" and a cardboard roll from paper towels or toilet paper.  Lay the string in a straight line on the ground.  The first player from each team stands at the end of his teams tightrope and balances a cardboard roll in his open hand.  He must balance the roll as he walks the length of the string and back.  He then passes the roll to the next teammate.  If he steps off the string or drops the roll, he must take two steps back before starting forward again.  The first team of successful tightrope walkers wins the game.

Individual Skill Challenges

Stork Stand

Stand with hands on hips.  Place one foot against the inside of your other knee.  Bend the raised  knee outward.  Count to ten without moving from place.

Frog Handstand

Squat and place your hands flat on the ground.  Keep arms between legs.  Lean forward slowly, shifting weight of body onto hands and elbows until feet swing free of ground.  Keep head up and point toes backward.

Heel Click

Stand with your feet apart.  Jump into the air, click your heels twice.  Land with your feet apart.

Coffee Grinder

With one hand on the ground, arm stiff, body stretched out straight, head back, walk around in a circle, using arm as a pivot.

Ankle Toss

Hold a ball firmly between ankles or feet.  With sudden jump, kick feet backwards and up so ball is tossed in air and curves over your head.  Catch it as it comes down.

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