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Line Jump

Stand with toes touching a line.  Lean over and grasp toes with hands.  In this position attempt to jump over the line without letting go of toes.

Elbow Toss And Catch

Hold right arm (if right-handed) out at side, shoulder height and bent at the elbow.  A coin or beanbag is placed on elbow.  With a quick motion, drop arm and try to catch coin or beanbag as it falls, in the same hand.

May 1994 - Back To Nature

Grasshopper Relay

Relay teams line up single file.  The first player in each team holds a bean bag or ball firmly between his knees.  At signal, he hops to goal line and back to the starting line where he hands the bag to the next "grasshopper" in line.  If a player drops the bean bag, he goes back to the starting line.  Team to finish first wins.

Centipede Race

It is best to run this race outdoors on soft ground.  If you try it on a hard floor, it will be hard on hands and knees.  Divide the group into teams of two players each.  The players on each team get down on their hands and knees, one behind the other.  The one in back grasps both ankles of his partner in front of him, so that each pair forms something resembling a centipede.  On signal, the centipedes move away from the starting line, and creep toward the finish line.

Apple Race

Contestants are required balance an apple on top of the head and walk to a goal line.  If the apple falls off, the contestant must go back to the starting point and begin again.  This race could be done with almost anything on top of the head, apples, oranges, books, etc.

Birds Fly

All players stand with hands on hips.  The leader stands in front, calling out the names of various animals and saying that they fly.  If the animal really does fly, the boys make flapping motions with their "wings".  If a boy makes an error - says that an animal flies, but it doesn't - he is eliminated.  The leader may try to confuse the players by flapping his own wings every time.  Examples of calls:  "Robins fly, pigs fly, ducks fly, hawks fly, horses fly," etc.

Stay Out Of The Puddle

Establish two lines about 20' to 30' apart.  Divide the group into two teams, then divide each team in half.  One half of each team stands behind each line on the playing field.  The object of the game is to move each half of each team to the opposite side of the "puddle" (playing field).  This is done using 2 large juice cans or 3lb coffee cans.

To begin, the first players from each team stand on a can behind one of the lines while holding another can in one hand.  When the leader says "Go,"  each player places the second on the ground in front of the line and steps on it.  While balancing on this can, the players pick up the first one and put it in front to serve as the next step.  If a player loses his or her balance and touches the ground, that play must start again from the beginning.

When players reach their team members on the other side, they place a can in back of the line for the next player to stand on to get his or her balance.  The first player hops off in back of the line and hands the next player the free can.  The next player crosses back across the "puddle."  The game continues until one team has successfully switched all players from one side to the other.

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