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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

June 1994 - Strong For America

Battle Of Bunker Hill - The boys should be divided into two teams, one team representing the minutemen and the other the British.  Draw two lines from ten to fifteen feet apart and stand the contestants on these lines, facing each other.  Give each team four beanbags.  When the signal is given to "fire" the teams "shoot" at each other by tossing the bean bags at the opposing line.  If a player is hit by a bean bag, he is a "casualty" and must drop out of the game.  However, if a player sees a bag coming toward him, he may catch the bag and continue playing.  The game should continue until either the Minutemen or British are vanquished.

Ring The Liberty Bell - To make this game, you'll need a bell, a wire coat hanger, some heavy cord or rope, and a small rubber ball. Bend the coat hanger into a hoop, with the hook at the top.  Hang the bell in the middle of the hoop with the rope, and then tie the hoop from a low tree branch.  This game may be played by individuals or teams.  The players take turns trying to throw the ball through the hoop.  Have a person stand on the other side of the hoop to catch the ball.  Keep score as points are made.  Each time the bell is rung, the player scores three points.  If the ball goes through the hoop but doesn't touch the bell, he scores two points.  If the ball hits the outside of the coat hanger, the player scores one point.  Each player throws the ball only once per turn, and gets five turns.  After everyone is finished, add up the number of points scored by individuals or teams.

State Landings - Cut cardboard circles of different sizes to represent the states.  Suspend them from the ceiling.  Make paper airplanes and let each player have 3 chances at throwing a plane and hitting a state.  Have the player stand about 6 feet away.  Set a point value on each state, the smallest being worth the most points.  The player with highest score wins.

Minuteman, Run! - To play this game, the players form a circle and hold hands.  A person is chosen to be "it" and stands inside the circle.  He walks around the circle, tapping each player's hands as he says each word of the rhyme, "Red, white, blue, out goes you!"  The two persons he taps on the word, "You," run around the circle in opposite directions.  "It" steps into one of the empty places.  The last one to get back to the other empty place becomes "it".

Independence Tag - As in all tag games, "IT" pursues the rest of the players and tries to touch one of them.  When one has been touched, he must keep his hand on the spot where he was touched and pursue the others.  His hand cannot be freed from this spot until he has tagged someone else.  The idea is to tag people in inconvenient places...on the ankle, knee etc.

Miss Betsy Ross - Give each player paper and crayons or pieces of colored construction paper and tell them that they have been commissioned to design a new American flag.  After the designs are finished, take a vote to see which design wins.  The winner is crowned "Miss Betsy Ross".

Citizen Test - Two team face each other with a wide space between them.  The leader asks each player a question about the Declaration of Independence, the Star Spangled Banner, the President, Vice-President, Governor, or other fitting subject.  A correct answer entitles that team to one step forward.  An incorrect answer passes the question to the other team.  The team to cross the other team's starting line first is the winner.

Straw And Tissue Paper Relay - Each player is given a straw.  The two end players on each relay team are given a small square of tissue paper.  They draw their breath through the straws and hold the paper against the end of the straw.  The next player in line removes the paper to his own straw in the same manner.  He passes it on to the next player, and so on down the line.  If the paper falls to the floor, it must be picked up by putting the end of the straw against it and breathing in.

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