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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

July 1994 - Buckskin Pioneers

Indian Toss Ball - Make ball by fastening a strong 10-inch cord to an old tennis ball or softball.  Each boy lies flat on his back with his shoulders resting on a starting line.  Holding the cord of the ball in his hand and arm at his side, he swings the arm up and over his head and throws the ball behind him as far as he can.  Boys mark their point where the ball lands.

Trails - Two groups each mark a trail through a designated area without harming or defacing the environment (for example, by using small rocks in a certain formation, broken sticks found on the ground, small dots of flour, etc.).  The two groups meet back at a starting point at an agreed-upon time and try to follow each other's trail.

Log Cabin On A Pop Bottle - Dive the boys into two groups.  Give each boy 10 toothpicks.  The object is for each player to alternately place a toothpick across the top of a pop bottle until the stack falls.  His side must then take all the toothpicks knocked off.  The first side to get rid of all their toothpicks wins.  If a player knocks one toothpick off, he picks up just that one toothpick

Blind Horse Turnabout - Divide players into teams of two.  Player #1 is the backseat driver and player #2 is the "blind horse" with a paper bag over his head.  The horses and riders line up at the starting line about 30 feet from the finish.  On signal, horses start moving.  The rider directs his horse with verbal signals (bear right, whoa, go left, etc.).  The rider may not touch the horse.  The first horse to finish wins.

Indian Dirt Ball - Divide Cub Scouts into two teams and give each boy a yardstick or rolled up newspaper.  Place a tennis ball in the middle of the playing area.  On the sound of the whistle each team will try to maneuver the ball to their goal, with their yard sticks, to earn points (usually 1 point per goal) while the other team tries to steal the ball and make a goal of their own.  The ball cannot be batted across the playing area.  It must be rolled across the floor to the goal.  Strict rules are needed for this on the handling of the yard sticks or newspapers.

Barefoot Marble Race - Boys remove shoes and socks.  Place two marbles on the starting line in front of each boy.  On signal, he grasps the marbles between his toes and walks to the finish line.  If he drops a marble, he must stop and pick it up with his toes before continuing.

Log-Rolling Relay - Divide into two teams.  On signal, first boy on each team uses dowel or broomstick to roll log  to turning line 20 feet away and back.  Others repeat the action.  Logs may be two-foot sections of six-inch logs, or make logs by taping two round oatmeal boxes together.

Jack Straws - You need 25-30 six-inch long drinking straws and a wire hook.  The hook may be made by straightening a paper clip into a J-shape.  Dump all the straws in a pile on the ground or table.  Players take turns.  Each tries to lift out as many straws as he can without disturbing any of the others.  When any straw moves except the one he is trying for, his turn is over and the next boy plays.  Winner is the one who gets the most straws.

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