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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

August 1994 - Water Fun

Catch The Balloon - Balloons filled with water are flipped with a towel held by one Cub Scout on each end, holding the towel between them.  Two teams of four boys flip a water filled balloon between them.  They start out three feet apart, and with each progressive flip they each step back one pace.  They continue in this manner until the balloon bursts.  If you miss you get wet!  Can be done by Packs with several pairs of teams.

Spoon Race - The players race across the shallow end of a swim area carrying a ping-pong ball on a spoon held between their teeth.  If the ball falls off, the player must start over.

Shoot Out - Candles are placed on a tray about 6' to 8' away from a line of players.  The candles are lighted and the boys take turns trying to shoot out the flame with a water pistol.  If a player succeeds, he earns one point and the candle is relighted for the next player.  Winner is the boy with the most points at the end of a designated time.

Greased Pig Contest - Have all boys gather around edge of pool.  Place a small watermelon in the center of the pool.  The first boy to get the watermelon up on the bank gets to keep it.

Jump The Creek - Each boy does his best and tries to improve his last jump.  Two ropes are laid parallel and close together.  One at a time, the boys jump across the "creek".  After all have jumped, the distance between the ropes is increased slightly.  The boys must not step in the creek (between the ropes) or on the water edge (the rope) or they are eaten by sharks and must leave the game.

Up And Under - You'll need one rubber ball for each team ( the larger the ball, the more fun, but balls should be kept the same size).  Teams line up relay formation in waist-deep water.  A ball is given to the first boy in each line.  On signal, he passes the ball overhead to the second boy, who passes it between his legs to the third boy, who passes it overhead, and so forth to the end of the line.  The last boy "runs" to the head of the line and passes it as before.  First team back in its original order is the winner.

Rowing Race - Divide into relay teams.  Each player sits or kneels in a large cardboard box and propels himself to the goal line by using two short broomsticks with rubber tips.

Walking Ping Pong - Each player has a ping pong ball.  In armpit deep water the players drop the ball in the water in front of him.  He starts to blow it across the pool as he walks to the other side.  The first one whose ball touches the other side of the pool is the winner.  Variation:  Swim across instead of walk.

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