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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

September 1994 - Explore Your Neighborhood

Litter Sweep Relay - Divide into two teams and give each team a broom and a small pile of dry trash -soda cans, paper, small plastic bottles, etc.  On signal, the first boy on each team sweeps the trash to a certain point and back.  The next team member then takes over, and so on until all have run.  First team finished wins.  If a boy loses any trash he must sweep back and pick it up.

Map Game - Divide den into two teams and give each team pencil and paper.  Ask each team to draw a map showing the location of some relatively small object within a short distance of the meeting place.  (Example:  fire hydrant, basketball backboard, bicycle rack, stop sign).

The teams exchange their completed maps and study them.  Then, under supervision of the den leader the teams try to find the object on the map.  Score two points if a team's map is reasonable accurate, one point for finding the object on the other team's map.

Thumb Fun Cutting - Divide group into relay teams. Each team captain is given  roll of scotch or adhesive tape.  He goes from player to player taping the thumb to the forefinger, making the thumb useless.  When the thumbless teams are ready, the game proceeds as follows.  Each team captain is given a pair of scissors and a strip of paper (such as adding machine tape) long enough to stretch the length of the team who stand close together.  At a signal, the captain cuts down the middle of the paper strip until the next person can take the scissors, players will each cut about 12".  First team to cut through all the paper strip wins.  Torn strips disqualify the team.

Once Around The Block - Hikers go "once around the block", then their observations are tested.  Who has seen the most round things?  What kind of trees were seen?  What did you see that was orange?  Etc.

Two Hat Game - To find out what Cub Scouting is all about, all new members work first on the Bobcat rank.  Boys can earn their Bobcat badge and have fun by playing the Two-Hat game.

Put two Cub Scout hats on a table.  Write the following sentences on separate strips of paper or make up your own.  Fold the strips and place them in one hat.

Each boy writes his name on a slip of paper and folds it.  These slips are placed in the other hat.  The leader draws a name from this hat.  The boy whose name was drawn picks one of the requirement slips from the other hat.  He reads it aloud and does what the strips says.

Give the Cub Scout Promise.

Say the Law of the Pack.  Tell what it means.

Explain what Webelos means.

Show the Cub Scout sign and handshake.  Tell what they mean.

Give the Cub Scout motto and salute.  Tell what they mean.

The Way Home - Have a sheet of paper with 30-40 dots printed randomly on it.  Hand it out to everyone and tell them they have ____ minutes to make their "way home", by connecting the dots and creating something unique.  Have everyone sign it and then collect them to be displayed.

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