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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

October 1994 - Achievement Parade

Witches Cackle - One player is chosen to be it.  He leaves the room, while the other boys choose a witch.  The boys sit down in a half circle.  The player who is it comes back into the room.  He turns his back to the half circle.  The "witch" cackles.  The player turns around and tries to guess who is the witch.  If he guesses wrong, all the players cackle.  Continue until the player guesses the witch or limit the guesses to three, then change players.

Poor Spud - Draw a large circle on the ground and place potatoes in the center (one fewer than there are players.)  Tell the players to march around the circle, blow a whistle and players grab a potato.  The one without a potato sits out the next game, you now take out another potato and play again, and so on.  The last player is the winner.

Give Him A Hand - Divide the players into teams and arrange in line formation with the teams facing each other.  Give the first player of each team a 12" x 6" plastic bag which he slips over his right hand.  At signal the first player shakes hands with the second player.  The second player while shaking hands with his teammate, transfers the bag to his own right hand using his left.  In effect, he turns the bag inside out as he slips it off his teammate's hand onto his own.  Player #2 turns and shakes hands with player #3 who does the same thing with the plastic bag.  When the bag reaches the last player, the game is over and the first team to finish wins.

Weathervane - Use a compass to establish the four main directions in a room.  Have all boys stand facing one player is the "wind."  The wind tells the direction he is blowing by saying, "The wind blows....south."  All players must face south.  If a player is already facing that direction and moves, he is out.  The wind may confuse the game by facing any direction he wishes.  Players turning the wrong direction are out.   The winner is the last player still in the game.

Newspaper Code - Use pencils or crayons of several different colors and a sheet of newspaper for each boy.  Have each boy write a message with one of the colors by circling letters going from left to right and top to bottom.  Then use the other colors and circle other letters all over the page so the real message is hidden.  Exchange papers and have someone else decode the message.

Funnel Catch - Make a funnel from a piece of cardboard. The contestants bounce a rubber ball off the wall with their right and hand and must catch the ball in the funnel in his left hand after the ball bounces on the floor.  Allow three tries, and score one point for each successful throw.

The Old Witch Is Dead - Players set in a circle.  The first player says "The old witch is dead".  The player on his right asks "How did she die?"  The first player replies "Trying to fly".  He waves his left arm up and down and keeps waving it as the second player turns to the third player and says "The old witch is dead".  The third player asks the question and gets the same reply.  This continues around the circle until all players ar waving their left arms in the air.  Then the first player starts again with "The old witch is dead".  "How did she die?" asks the second player.  "Patting her head" replies the first player, and so on until all players are patting their heads with their right hands and waving their left arms.  The next answer is "Kicking up high", with one foot kicking high in the air, while patting head and waving arm. Finally, everyone is doing all three motions.  The leaders looks at the circle and says loudly "No wonder the old witch died.  She died of laughter!"

Pencil And Lemon Relay - At signal, first player in each relay team pushes a lemon across the room with a pencil until it touches the opposite wall or crosses a goal line.  He then picks up the lemon and brings it back to the next player on the team.  Don't try to push the lemon too fast - it will spin and slow player down.

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