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Indian Nations CouncilThe Greatest Show on Earth

November 1994 - Harbors, Stations, Airports

Turkey Feathers - Divide the boys into teams and you'll need  a feather, paper plate and rattle for each team.  Line up teams in parallel lines at one end of the playing area.  On "GO", the first team member fans a feather with a paper plate while constantly shaking the rattle with his other hand.  Each boy must negotiate the feather to a designated spot, and back to the next team member.  The first team to finish is the winner.

Turkey Hunt - Boys roll a set of children's alphabet blocks as dice.  Or make a set of dice with letters of the alphabet marked on them.  They try to make letters in the word turkey turn up on the dice.  Each correct letter counts 25 points.  First boy to reach 150 points (or spell the word turkey) wins.  Each player gets three rolls each turn.

Traveler - One player who is "it" stops before another player, points his finger, and announces, for instance, "I am going to Chicago".   The player before whom he has stopped must call the names of three things before "it" can count to ten.  All three of these things must begin with the first letter of the announced designation of the traveler, such as "candy, cotton and carrots."  If he fails to do so, he takes the traveler's place.

Hauling In The Nets - Each player is given two sheets of newspaper.  He holds a sheet by a corner in each hand, arms extended.  The winner is the Cub who can first squeeze both sheets into two balls without moving arms or putting hands together.

Turkey Feather Relay - Divide group into teams, relay style.  First player in each team holds a long turkey feather.  Each team uses a different color feather.  At a signal, he throws his feather, javelin style, toward the finish line.  As soon as it comes to earth, he picks it up and throws it again.  When it finally crosses the finish line, he picks it up, runs back and hands the feather to his next teammate.  First team to finish flaps their arms and gobbles like a turkey.

Train Relay - Line boys up for relay.  First Cub Scout WALKS to finish line, comes back and touches next Cub Scout, who hitches on.  Then both go to the line and return.  Third boy hitches on, etc.  The last Cub Scout is the caboose.  He must hitch on backwards.  First team to finish wins.

Runaway Cars - This is a den or pack tag game.  It may be played by individual dens or the pack.  Designate one boy as the locomotive.  He will be "it".  The rest of the boys will be runaway cars.  The object of the game is for the locomotive to catch the runaway cars.  When caught, they hook on behind the locomotive.  The game continues until the train is completed.

Pumpkin Pie Toss - Suspend a hoop from a high spot, or use a coat hanger bent to a round shape.  Players attempt to sail five nine-inch paper plates through the hoop.  Score:  25 points for each successful try.

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