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The Greatest Show on EarthIndian Nations Council

Pack Meeting Games

Christmas Handshake - Give each boy five Christmas cards or seals.  On signal each boy introduces himself to five parents other than his own.  Each time he must leave a card or seal with them.  (Parents should not accept the card or seal until the introduction is complete  and the boy can repeat their name.)  The first den to finish, assembles as a den and raises their hands in the Cub Scout sign or gives their den yell.

Four Clowns In A Row - Give each person present a sheet of paper marked off in twenty squares.  In each square they must get someone present to write his or her name.  That will mean that each person will get the signatures of twenty people, one for each square.  Provide each player with fifteen or twenty small stickers.  If the committee could get white stickers and paint clown faces on them it would help.

Each one is now asked to write his or her own name on a small piece of paper.  These are placed in a hat.  The leader draws the names from the hat, one at a time.  As the name is called, the person bearing it responds with a lusty "Here," and raises the right hand.  This serves as an introduction to the group.  Each person who has that name on his paper puts a sticker in the square where it appears.

When any player gets four stickers in a row, either across, down, or diagonally, he shouts:  "Four clowns in a row!"  Some suitable award may be made to that player.  Let him read the names of the four.

Typewriter - This is truly an old fashioned manual typewriter with each player in a key role.

1.Gather everyone in a circle.  Each player represents a letter in the alphabet, A through Z.  If there are more players than there are letters, one can become a number, another a period, and another an eraser for correcting mistakes.

2.Find or create a sentence that uses all the letters in the alphabet.  For example, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".  In the case of extra people, it can be two dogs.

3.Finally, create a typewriter rhythm for everyone to follow.  Everyone claps hands, stamps a foot once, and punches the key by raising a hand in the air.  Clap-stamp-punch, clap-stamp-punch - alternating right and left hands and feet.

4.Write the sentence on the chalkboard or large piece of butcher paper.  Make sure everyone can see during the game.  The object is to type out the entire sentence using the proper keys without missing a beat.  When the typewriter rhythm begins and everyone punches the air, the person with the first letter call out "T"!  On the next punch, the player calls out "E"!  When a space between words is reached, everyone calls out together "Space"!  If a mistake is made, just keep going, unless there is a person who is the eraser to call out "Correction"!

Word Games

Rhyme / Reason

1.A skinny young horsebony/pony

2.A seafood platterfish/dish

3.A comic rabbitfunny/bunny

4.A foul in a prize fightlow/blow

5.A hobo in the raindamp/tramp

6.Well behaved rodentsnice/mice

7.Flower asleep in a fieldlazy/daisy

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